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Should I give my oxygen tank to Gorsky at The Invincible?

 In this guide to The Invincible, you'll learn whether you should give Gorski's oxygen tank and what the consequences of that decision are.

One of the first tasks in The Invincible is finding the remaining crew members. The last crew member you'll need to find is Dr. Gorski. You will find him in a location that Jasnah will call "The City". His evacuation involves a potentially difficult moral decision. 

Should I give my oxygen tank to Gorsky at The Invincible?

Give Gorsky oxygen

By choosing the top dialogue option, Jasnah will give her oxygen tank to Gorski, exposing herself to the planet's harmful atmosphere. However, during the evacuation attempt, an unexpected accident occurs and Jasnah falls into a crevasse. Having restored communication, she learns that Gorsky survived the evacuation and is now on the ship.

For Jasnah, this option means having to breathe the planet's noxious atmosphere until she can get another tank of oxygen. She will find him sometime later during a storm, in the back of a yellow rover.

Keep the oxygen for yourself

By choosing the second dialogue option, Jasnah will decide to evacuate Gorsky as soon as possible. The same accident will occur - but this time, having restored communication, Jasnah learns that Gorsky died during the evacuation.

As before, during the storm, Jasnah will find an oxygen tank in the back of the rover. However, she won't need it this time because she will still have a significant supply of oxygen.