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Sims 4 pack release time: when to play the For Rent expansion?

 The Sims 4 For Rent is coming today! Find out the release time, exclusive bonuses, and what's new in this exciting pack.

Sims 4 pack release time: when to play the For Rent expansion?

The world of The Sims continues to get richer with the upcoming release of The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack. For almost a decade, The Sims 4 has captivated millions of players with its constant and creative updates. As the wait for the next iteration of the series builds, the developers pleasantly surprise the community with this new pack.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this DLC, including its release time, to best prepare you for this new adventure.

When can you play The Sims 4 For Rent Pack?

The Sims 4 For Rent pack was announced on November 2, 2023, to the surprise and delight of fans. This unexpected announcement came after the success of the Horse Ranch pack, the second major DLC of the year for The Sims 4. The excitement is palpable among players eager to delve into the new features of this pack.

This pack will be available on December 7 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. UTC, offering players a new dimension of gameplay. 

For those planning to purchase À Rent upon release, pre-order bonuses will make the experience even sweeter. Purchases made between November 2, 2023, and January 18, 2024, will include three limited-edition items for Build Mode: the Freshness at the Top Fruit Basket, the Street Stars Lampshade, and the Quick Delights Grill. These elements will perfectly complement the atmosphere of the new Night Market introduced in the game.

This pack promises to add a myriad of new recipes and could even allow players to open their own business within the Night Market event, although you may have to bring the food stall from the Culinary Effervescence pack. This DLC promises to be a rich and interactive addition to the game, allowing players to explore new facets of their Sims' lives.

The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack is an exciting next step for fans of the series. With its release scheduled for December 7, this pack offers a new dimension to the game, enriched by attractive pre-order bonuses. Whether you're a budding chef or a Sims entrepreneur, this pack promises hours of fun and new adventures.