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Skyrim AI mod, how to install it?

 It is possible to add many mods to Skyrim to improve the gaming experience. We tell you how to install the AI ​​mod.

Skyrim AI mod, how to install it?

Skyrim is one of the best-known games from Bethesda and on Steam and since the title's release, many modders have created mods to improve the player experience with graphical or even gameplay improvements.

Among the recently created mods, we find an AI mod that allows you to chat directly with NPCs through voice chat. Some players are wondering how to install it and we will tell you what you will need to do.

How to install an AI mod for Skyrim?

If you want to install the AI ​​mod for Skyrim, you will first have to create an account on the Nexus Mod website, then go to the Vortex Nexus Mod program page. Click Download the latest version and install the program on your PC. As soon as this is done, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Download the unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch, as well as Skyrim SKSE 
  • Download AI Overhaul SSE 
  • Now launch Vortex Nexus Mod and search for Skyrim Special Edition
  • Normally, the program will automatically find the game on your PC, but if this doesn't happen, you will have to indicate the path to the game
  • Then go to Settings in Vortex and then click on Mods
  • Move all downloaded mods to the visible folder in Mods

And there you have it, normally the mods should now work, you just have to launch Skyrim to be able to take advantage of all the additions you have just made. Obviously, these instructions are valid for all the mods you want to install on the game . If you want to see what the Skyrim experience gives with AI, Joueur du Grenier carried out a test a few days ago and here is the result on video.