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Solo Leveling number of episodes: how many episodes for the first season?

 Solo Leveling is the anime fans are looking forward to most of the year!We'll give you the number of episodes to expect for season 1.

Created by Chu-Gong in 2018, Solo Leveling is one of the most popular manwha of all time. The story follows Jin Woo, the main character, an E-rank hunter, the lowest level. While he was doing his usual job in a dungeon, an accident will change everything.

Now adapted into an anime by director Shunsuke Nakashige, fans are expecting something very heavy. Find out how many episodes the first season of Solo Leveling has in store for you!

How many episodes for season 1 of Solo Leveling? 

According to the latest news, the Solo Leveling anime will, for now, only have one season of 23 to 25 episodes. Season 1 will be distributed in two distinct parts according to BNNbreaking. In the 'Solo Leveling' universe, hunters have levels, from E (lowest) to S (highest). The level system is a central element of the plot since once you are placed in a category, it is almost impossible to change.

In this world, dungeons have suddenly appeared and they need to be cleared. Through these dungeons, humanity can gain priceless items and treasures. So, are you looking forward to discovering the new Solo Leveling anime?

Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date and Time Streaming

Episode 1 of Solo Leveling releases Saturday, January 6, 2024, on Crunchyroll! We do not know the release time at this time. Became extremely popular due to its gripping plot, impressive combat, and charismatic protagonist. It has been praised by many manhwa and manga fans for its artistic and narrative quality. A game about Solo Leveling "Solo Leveling: Arise" was even released recently.