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South Park: Phone Destroyer – Cheats and Tips


South Park: Phone Destroyer – Cheats and Tips

South Park: Phone Destroyer was recently launched on the mobile market as a f2p card game, but there is also some interesting RPG components. The game offers PvE and PvP content, there is a lot to discover and for this reason we have decided to create this little guide containing tricks and advice for success! Let's go avenge poor Kenny!


Unlike other card games, Hearthstone for example, in South Park: Phone Destroyer we have the possibility to upgrade by strengthening our cards. Don't keep your resources aside forever waiting for the right card because it won't arrive, only upgrade what you need and do it in the shortest time possible. 

Buy resources

Newbies are initially given the option to purchase additional resources by spending PvP Tickets. The advice, in this case, is to do it immediately because later in the game you won't need it as much... Tickets are ideal for being competitive against others right away!


South Park: Phone Destroyer is a game where low-cost cards are key, never forget this when building your deck. Proposing a deck that is too heavy and expensive equates to certain death in 90% of cases, try to find the right balance.