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Stock up on free rewards with the FC Pro Open Easter Egg via Twitch on EA FC 24!

 Free packs on EA Sports FC 24 are always good news. It's even more so when you have nothing to do other than start a stream in the background. In any case, that’s what the FC Pro Open challenges are offering you right now!

Developments to be expected via the FC Pro Open

Before we get into the challenges themselves, it should be noted that if you needed a reason to watch tonight's FC Pro Open, it's that the results will influence the evolution of certain cards in the game which could get a nice boost in the process.

Indeed, a few weeks ago, the FC Pro event was launched on EA Sports FC 24 with new evolving maps. These cards will not take buffs based on the players' results but on those of the pro-FC 24 players to whom they are linked.

So, this evening it will only be part of the boosts that will be applied depending on the players' results; except that via these, certain cards could quickly become very interesting and the prices of some of your cards will soar at the same time!

Developments to be expected via the FC Pro Open

FC Pro Open FC24 challenges, how does it work?

As for the FC Pro Open challenges, you will simply have to launch the competition stream to collect free rewards. In addition, we are talking about Twitch drops, which means that they are accessible to everyone, provided they have linked their Twitch and EA accounts!

To be completely precise, there are two rewards to be collected each week of broadcast. Today, if you watch 15 minutes, you will get 300 experience points to complete your season pass. Plus, if you watch an hour, you'll get a Jumbo premium gold pack.

Do you want even more? No worries, if you ever watch 1 hour of the stream this week and next Monday, you will win an additional pack. These aren't necessarily huge rewards, but they're still free packs and more than decent. As for times, the stream starts at 6 p.m. and generally lasts until 11 p.m.

The hunt for the Easter Egg challenge

Finally, it is more than likely that the Easter Egg, a secret quest from FC 24, will make its return during this live. As a reminder, this quest last time asked you to score three goals with a player from a specific nation which was not indicated in the game.

The only solution was to watch the stream to find out which nationality was involved, Australia for last week. It is more than likely that this hidden quest will return this Monday and if at the moment we do not know the conditions, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Once these are known, you will quickly have to take advantage of them to collect the rewards. Indeed, if we base ourselves on what has already been done at this level, you will only have until tomorrow, December 12 at 7 p.m. to achieve this secret objective before it disappears!