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TFT: Compo Peeba Ezreal with Big Shot in Set 10

 How to play the Peeba Ezreal composition with Big Shot in Set 10? The editorial team offers you a guide to champions, items, and positioning.

The composition Peeba Big Shot with Ezreal is one of the compositions of Set 10 of Teamfight. this article in this set are available in new items. All information on the champions, classes, and origins, as well as the Tactics

We present to you the different champions of the composition, the objects they can carry, their positioning on your board as well as some tips on how to play the composition.

How to play the Peeba Big Shot comp with Ezreal in TFT Set 10?

How to play the Peeba Big Shot comp with Ezreal in TFT Set 10

As with each Set, a victory condition is always to move to level 9 (or even now to level 10!) to gain legendary champions. This game plan should be reserved for when you have a very good start/mid-game, allowing you to accumulate gold and keep your VP, or with an increase like Higher Level!.

On Set 10, you are spoiled for choice in terms of possible carries. The most effective in AD will be Lucian and Ezreal, the latter giving which can be optimized at level 9. Your objective is then to find a good balance between having a lot of synergies and bringing in powerful units. Big Shot

Other carries can be considered, such as Sona with attack speed and mana generation, Ziggs with power, Yorick with off-tank items ... Also don't neglect defensive items on champions like Illaoi, Blitzcrank, Thresh...

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler strategy game developed by Riot Games and based on the game League of Legends. The game is currently in Set 10, called Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble.