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TFT: Compo Yone Reroll with Crowd Surfeur in Set 10

 How to play the Yone Reroll comp with Crowd Surfeur in Set 10? The editorial team offers you a guide to champions, items, and positioning.

The composition Yone Reroll with Crowd Surfeur is one of the compositions of Set 10 of Teamfight Tactics. All the information on the champions, classes, and origins, as well as the new objects in this set, are available in this article.

We present to you the different champions of the composition, the objects they can carry, their positioning on your board as well as some advice on how to play the composition.

How to play the Yone Reroll comp with Crowd Surfeur in TFT Set 10?

How to play the Yone Reroll comp with Crowd Surfeur in TFT Set 10

3-star Yone is an extremely powerful champion. If it is difficult to obtain because it is so contested, the game is worth the effort. You can also play it in pairs with Zed, even if the two use somewhat the same objects and therefore it will be difficult to have BiS on both.

The game plan is to go to level 7 and roll for Yone Headliner, ideally in Crowd Surfer to be able to play the 6 later. Normally, a Yone Headliner with 3 items should stabilize your board quite a bit, which will allow you to increase your economy and slow roll to level 7. If you find Yone Headliner Heartsteel, you can also take him and play him as a main carry.

In terms of items, the most important will be the Bloodlust + Mercury (QSS) combo. The third item is more flexible, usually with Sterak's Gage or Titan's Determination.

If you have unwanted components like wands for example, don't hesitate to make Queen's Crowns on your Mordekaiser for example. Finally, try to make a Shroud of Congruence also to have the armor reduction and allow your champions to cut up the opposing frontline in a few seconds.