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TFT Set Revival release date: when will it be released?

 During the TFT Vegas Open event which took place this weekend, the developers announced the return of old sets during the year.

TFT Set Revival release date: when will it be released?

Since the release of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games offers seasons like League of Legends, but in the form of sets that allow the introduction of new gameplay mechanics such as portals with set 9  and new champions, classes, and origins. Now on set 10 since November 2023, players are focusing on the current set and the next. But secretly, some people dream of playing a particular set again.

And that's good because on the occasion of the TFT Vegas Open which was held in Las Vegas from December 8 to 10, 2023, and which marks the biggest event ever held on Teamfight Tactics, the developers of the game submitted the roadmap of 2024 with some very interesting information including a “Revival Set” which simply seems to be something nostalgic for former TFT players. We'll tell you more in the rest of this article!

Set Revival release date

As revealed by the official Teamfight Tactics Twitter account, the 2024 roadmap has been announced and we now know the next deadlines planned by the developers of the famous autochess. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, TFT will no longer have two sets,  but three sets per year. We also see, in the nearest deadlines, the mention of a “Set Revival”. While we may rightly believe that this is a particular game mode allowing you to relive a past set, we have no additional information other than that this event should take place in January 2024, so very quickly.

Beyond this information, Riot Games' communication gave other rather interesting bits of bread such as the imprecise dates for Set 11, 12, and 13. 

Although the information we have at the moment remains vague and incomplete, Riot Games shouldn't wait too long before saying more, especially regarding this "nostalgic" set. And you, which set would you like to play again?