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The 6 best free randomlocke games after the Pokémon Twitch Cup


The 6 best free randomlocke games after the Pokémon Twitch Cup

Pokémon fangames are an industry in themselves due to the success of the franchise, even more so with the creation of randomlocke and nuzlocke. The Pokémon Twitch Cup woke up in 2021 to a player profile now framed in the third edition, and the continuation of the series is the first-person vice. And how can we get addicted if we can't play this year's version? Well, with the most popular fangames of the moment.

The last two years of the Pokémon Twitch Cup have not had the game available to the community, but fangame creators are living up to the experience. Both nationally and internationally, the nuzlocke madness is total, a staging to increase complexity, add randomness to the captures, and impose rules such as the single capture per route.

With that idea, we delved into our own and community experiences to choose six of the most interesting options with free Pokémon games. Far from the officiality of Nintendo titles, the community wraps the seal of the saga in unique moments that range from Johto to Kanto.

Pokémon Indigo

This remake of the Kanto region with fourth and fifth-generation graphics is enhanced to perfection. EricLostie is one of the most famous creators of Pokémon fangames and has in his glove box wonders like this Pokémon Indigo, Opal, Titan or Iberia. In this case it is like playing the original with extra originality in dialogues, combats and characters. It also adds a very complete postgame, mega evolutions, new characters, multiple options to play and among them the nuzlocke.

Pokémon Uranium

It is especially famous because Nintendo tried to erase it from the map, but the creators managed to avoid copyright. With eight gyms and thirteen cities, the creators invented the nuclear type within a new region. With all the Pokémon included, Pokémon Uranium has mega evolutions and many fakemons. The most striking thing is that it has an online version.

Pokémon Twitch Cup 1

The first Pokémon Twitch Cup with only 16 participants was an absolute success in 2021, and it is the only one of the three that is available for download. The later ones could not be activated due to rights, but the original is still available and you also have the option to choose the version from any streamer. In this case, it works with the Visual Boy Advance emulator.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion

It is the most different from the original story of the game, but Pokémon Infinite Fusion is surprising because it allows almost infinite fusions. Most Pokémon can join the digimon with another partner, and that creates wonderful chaos for those looking for new experiences. There are up to 166,000 different combinations in fusions, and there are two regions (Kanto and Johto). Fourth-generation graphics, original territories, and more than 40 secondary missions after the Silver and Gold story.

Pokémon Emerald Rogue

It's not a Nuzlocke, but it is something totally groundbreaking. This completely redesigned version of Emerald is a roguelite within the Pokémon universe. In Pokémon Emerald Rogue you will advance routes until you reach a completely random gym trainer, although it will be difficult for you to advance first. When you lose you can buy permanent items and opt for some starters to become stronger and stronger.

Pokémon Radical Red

The ultimate nuzlocke could very well be Pokémon Radical Red. Considered one of those with the highest difficulty along with Pokémon Divine Sword, this eighth-generation GBA hack is the only one on the list in English. As its name indicates, it is born from Rojo Fuego and is one of the biggest challenges among fangames.