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The Finals: How to get free Multibucks? - LEGAL

 We explain how you get Multibucks in The Finals, the game's premium currency, and we reveal if there is any method to get it for free without having to make micropayments.

The Finals: How to get free Multibucks? - LEGAL

Of the two types of coins in The Finals, as it could not be otherwise, in this free-to-play there is no lack a premium currency: the so-called Multibucks. Broadly speaking, this type of currency can only be obtained by paying real money, although there is a method that also allows us to obtain Multibucks free... but in very small quantities, we'll tell you in advance.

If you have reached this section of our guide it is because you would like to know how to get Multibucks free in The Finals. Below we are going to reveal it to you, along with the official prices that this coin has so that you do not miss any details.

Can you get Multibucks for free?

Currently, the only way that exists to get Multibucks for free in The Finals it is through the battle pass system rewards. You should know the following about this:

  • In The Finals Battle Pass you can get by reaching certain levels a free Multibucks reward.
  • In total, you can claim 375 free Multibucks in a The Finals battle pass.
  • These free Multibucks are claimed at levels 27, 39, 70, 85 and 91 (at least in season 1).

While there are up to 1,575 Multibucks to unlock in a full season of The Finals Battle Pass, only 375 of this amount can be unlocked. get it for free, without having to buy the premium pass. The rest require payment to purchase the pass and have access to premium rewards.

As you see, unfortunately, there are not many amounts of Multibucks, but less is nothing. If you are interested in getting them this way, you will have to play many multiplayer games and complete contracts to earn experience points, so you will have all that time available to level up and get the free Multibucks from the pass.3 months and level up the pass as quickly as possible. Each season in The Finals lasts around

Free multibucks for completing account registration

Additionally, you can also get 150 Multibucks as a free reward in The Finals for completing the registration of your account. This is achieved very easily:

  • Just log in to the game with your Embark account.
  • Next, you must associate an email to your account.
  • Embark will send you an email so that verify your email address.
  • Access said email and click on the attached link to verify your account.

This will complete your account registration and allow you to receive 150 free Multibucks as a reward in your The Finals account. You should receive the coins automatically, but if you don't, be sure to access the Battle Pass or Contracts menu. You will receive them at any moment.

How to buy Multibucks and prices

The main way to get Multibucks in The Finals is paying real money within the game itself to acquire said currency, that is, you must buy it in the usual distributor stores, such as Steam, PS Store and Microsoft Store.

If you want to purchase Multibucks, what you have to do is go to the main menu of the game and click on the icon of this coin that appears located in the part upper of the screen, just to the left of your username.

This will open the multibucks purchase menu, which is offered in the following lots or packs with these quantities and prices:

  • 500 Multibucks: for 4.99 euros.
  • 1,150 Multibucks (+15% extra): for 9.99 euros.
  • 2,400 Multibucks (+20% extra): for 19.99 euros.
  • 6,250 Multibucks (+25% extra): for 49.99 euros.
  • 13,000 Multibucks (+30% extra): for 99.99 euros.
As you see, purchasing any of these packs will give you certain amounts of Multibucks for your account that you can claim as a reward instantly. If you are considering spending real money on the game, it may be worth it to purchase one of the packs. You decide.

Warning and beware of hacks and scams

We want to dedicate a few words to highlight an important issue. Apart from the methods we have described above, there are no "easy" nor "official" of getting free Multibucks in The Finals, no matter how much they try to make you believe otherwise.

In this regard, we would like to communicate, as we usually do for games that have micropayments and/or are free to play, that the following: take into consideration

  • Be careful with possible scams or hacks on the internet.
  • Do not run unnecessary risks and be careful with whom you share your personal data.
  • If not through the game store or trusted distributors, do not buy Multibucks nor trust supposed offers from the same ones you see on the Internet.
  • If someone, be it a person, website, or application, offers Multibucks cheaper than its official price or directly for free, and it is not through a special and official promotion from Embark Studios or a collaborator, it is better not to risk it.
  • In cases of scams, your account could be banned, or even worse, fraudulent use of your account and/or credit card can be made and you may find yourself in trouble, you are ultimately responsible, be very careful.