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The Finals: How to make money (VR) fast and easy? Methods

 We show you how to get money (VR) as quickly as possible in The Finals. Accumulate free currency to unlock new weapons, gadgets, and many more rewards in your account!

The Finals: How to make money (VR) fast and easy? Methods

The money in The Finals, or whatever It amounts to the same thing, the free currency of this game is known under the acronym VR and can be obtained mainly by playing (unlike Multibucks). With money, players can unlock new weapons and equipment, including gadgets, therefore it is very interesting to know how to accumulate more in our account quickly. In this entry of our guide, we tell you all the details related to it in case you have just started playing the free shooter. you have questions by Embark Studios and

How do you get money (VR) quickly?

As we have already told you, the main method to earn money (VR) in The Finals is to play games without stopping, one after another, this way you can receive VR at the end of games and also as a reward for account levels. We go into more detail below:

Earn money by completing games

Each match in The Finals will give you different amounts of VR upon completion, depending on your overall performance and performance in battle. 
  • At the end of each multiplayer game you finish in The Finals you will always receive money.
  • The amount of money varies, but you should know that it is higher the better you play a>.
  • If for example you win the game with your team or, especially you make a lot of kills of enemies, you will gain more VR.
Therefore, if you want to win VR, dedicate yourself to playing games and try to improve little by little to be able to get more money as a reward. Also, make sure you finish all the games, don't quit early or quit halfway through.

Earn money as an account reward

The other way to get VR in The Finals is through account-level rewards, also known as career levels

  • At the beginning, after starting to play this shooter for the first time, your account will be at level 1.
  • As you play games you will accumulate experience that will allow you to raise your career level.
  • In some career levels, it is possible to obtain VR as a reward.

For example, in levels 3 and 4 you will earn 900 VR in each one as a reward for getting there.

In case you have any doubts, to increase your career level you must simply play games and get experience points. Although, now, if you really want to raise your account level faster, we recommend that you try to complete all available contracts that you can.

By completing each contract you will receive different amounts of XP to level up faster. There are daily contracts (like the first victory of the day, which gives you 4000 XP at once) and contracts weekly, so you have a lot to tackle. The further you progress, the more it will cost you to level up, of course, but eventually, you will receive VR this way while you combine it with the money you earn by finishing games, which is not bad at all.