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The Finals invite a friend: how to do it?

 Announced at the Game Awards ceremony, The Finals and its season 1 are coming to PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5! Here's how to invite a friend.

Embark Studios has just announced a turning point in the world of shooters with the launch of THE FINALS, a revolutionary free-to-play FPS. Now available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, this game promises the ultimate combat experience, where players create their own glory in a chaotic and interactive world.

What sold the dream to players was the announcement of the first season, with a ranking, a battle pass, and more than 96 obtainable rewards. However, some players have difficulty inviting their friends to their games. To help you, We'll explain how to invite a friend to The Finals.

How to add friends on The Finals? 

You have the option to add friends in The Finals by following these simple steps. First, launch the game and head to the Social tab, located to the left of the " Settings" button on the top right. Next, click “ Add Friend ” and enter their Embark ID. Wait for the player to accept your friend request.

Once the request is accepted, your friends will appear in the game, allowing you to easily invite them to play. If your friends are on different platforms, you may need to enable cross-play. Here's how to do it:

Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Gameplay > Network > Crossplay. Enable crossplay to allow your friends from different platforms to join you in the game.

A unique combat experience

THE FINALS transports players into virtual arenas, replicating iconic global landmarks with stunning precision. The main attraction of the game is its fully destructible environments. Thanks to Embark's server-side technology, each player experiences the action in synchronization, whether it's exploding furniture or a collapsing building.

Creativity and personalization

Players have the freedom to create unique candidates, ranging from stealthy ballerinas to rocket launcher-wielding pandas. The game encourages players to use their creativity to shape their avatar and play style. THE FINALS emphasizes strategy and intuition, where skillful use of the environment, weapons, and gadgets is essential to triumph. 

The Finals invite a friend: how to do it?

Community Engagement and Updates

Embark Studios promises to listen to its community to continually improve THE FINALS. Players can expect regular updates, special events, and surprises designed to enrich the gaming experience.

Availability and Access

THE FINALS is available for free on Steam, the Xbox Game Store, and the PlayStation Store. Players are encouraged to join the community on social media and Discord for the latest news and updates.

With THE FINALS, Embark Studios has ushered in a new era in the world of shooters, delivering an experience packed with action and creativity. Available now on multiple platforms, this game promises to be an exciting adventure for players looking to test their skills in dynamic and interactive environments.