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The new EA Sports FC 24 Goal to always score a goal


The new EA Sports FC 24 Goal to always score a goal

The EA Sports FC 24 winter update introduces a substantial improvement to a style of play or mechanics when it comes to scoring goals. We show you how it works.

A new update is now available for EA Sports FC 24. We told you about it last week, and it is crucial that you download it because it is patch 6 for the winter transfer market. It also marks the transition to the year 2024.

It is common for football games to receive these types of updates. With this patch, EA Sports FC 24 receives new player faces, up to 94 new elements for Ultimate Team, and also changes at the playable level.

An example is in quality shots. In previous games, this type of shot left the rival goalkeeper practically sold on the striker. Now this mechanic has been nerfed.

Just as the effectiveness of these shots has been reduced, the Winter Update applies a big improvement to a shooting mechanic in EA Sports FC 24, which is now Meta.

How to make the new Goal to score goals

From now on, try not to take the ''quality shot'', or tight shot. You will score goals, but not as often as before, because EA Sports has nerfed this shooting mechanic.

On the other hand, EA Sports FC 24 recovers one of the star mechanics of FIFA 23. No, we are not talking about the cuts (they are still just as fixed), but about the Trivela.

Basically, the Trivela is an outside shooting mechanic. It may sound strange if you are not familiar with soccer, but it has now become a foolproof mechanic for the game's matches.

Even more so if you use a player specialized in Trivela. This is defined by the PlayStyles (play styles), which some EA Sports FC 24 stars have.

How is Trivela made? It's very simple: when the striker is in front of the goalkeeper (or in a good shooting position), he presses the following combination of buttons:

  • PlayStation: L2 + Circle.
  • Xbox: LT + B.
  • Nintendo Switch: ZL + A.
It is very possible that the shot ends in a goal. Or, at least, in a spectacular save by the rival goalkeeper, who can then give you a second chance as a corner.

These are some of the specialist players in Trivela:

  • Juan Sebastian Veron (Icon) from Dynasties
  • Marie-Antoinette Katoto (Thunderstruck)
  • Luka Modric (RTTK)
  • Kadidiatou Diani (Thunderstruck)
  • Antoine Griezmann (Avant-garde)
EA Sports FC 24 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can now download the winter update, and remember that throughout the month of January 2024, the squads will be updated with the new signings.