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The simple bug to get infinite food in LEGO Fortnite

 Our adventure in  LEGO Fortnite depends a lot on food. Especially when it comes to surviving the cold or heat if we have few chilies or frost berries. However, there are still bugs that we can take advantage of, such as infinite food, and thus not be in trouble or have to wait for it to grow.

The simple bug to get infinite food in LEGO Fortnite

A point that will help us a lot to try to get all the materials to max out the town. Or simply have more energy boost and be able to deploy the Hang Glide more frequently, as well as sprint for longer, therefore covering greater distances in less time.

We are not talking about any complex food, but rather the one that is planted. Obtaining instantly and infinitely everything we sow, without involving any NPC to harvest for us the next day. So we need the three main ingredients:  2 of soil, 1 of fertilizer, and seeds. The ones that best suit us at that moment.

How to get infinite and instant food in LEGO Fortnite

We create a plot of land with those ingredients and add to it all the seeds we want of the same type. For example, 5 frostberry seeds to get its fruit and be able to make smoothies that give us resistance to the heat of the Dry Valley.

We will see how the first of the seeds bloom, and normally it would take a whole in-game day to grow. But the bug begins when,  with a sword, we hit the seed exactly (be careful not to hit the ground and break it). Immediately, it will give us its fruit. One for each seed we have planted, at the rate of one sword blow per seed.

We recommend not having any NPC with us so that they do not hit where they should not. With those 5 fruits, in the seed machine, we can make 10 seeds, and these will be 10 fruits, which in turn will be 20 seeds, and then 40... And all this in just a few minutes.

In addition, each blow will also release plant fiber, ideal for making twine on the spinning wheel, and necessary for making ropes. The main ingredient of the recurve crossbow is essential for combat against the strongest enemies.