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This Valhalla relic will make you completely immortal in the free God of War Ragnarok DLC if you know how to use it!

 In the free God of War Ragnarok DLC, your biggest challenge will be to survive as long as possible. If you're having trouble getting there, you should take a look at a particularly powerful relic that could make you nearly immortal. We give you the key to success to reach the end of Valhalla.

This Valhalla relic will make you completely immortal in the free God of War Ragnarok DLC if you know how to use it!

An extremely powerful relic...

If you've already started tackling the challenges of Valhalla thanks to God of War Ragnarok's new free DLC, you've probably understood that your top priority should be to survive as long as possible. Indeed, as in any good roguelite, you will start with minimal equipment and you will have to build a build as you go along to go as far as possible before starting again at the slightest death. Fortunately, you can still start your game with some very interesting assets: the famous relics.

Already available in the base game, runes are powers associated with the L1+Circle command which can quite simply reverse the outcome of a fight when used well. After a few runs, you will be able to select one before entering the gates of Valhalla, and we strongly advise you to take the Handle of Forsbrandr. Indeed, the latter will allow you to repel your enemies and grant you a protective aura, which will have the effect of boosting your defenses to the maximum for no less than twelve seconds. Do the test for yourself by using it on the first enemies and letting yourself be hit, you will quickly see that the enemies will only inflict very little damage on you when the relic is active. The best part is that the Handle of Forsbrandr is one of the relics available for selection as soon as you unlock them on the Beach (just advance in Valhalla to do so).

…Which makes you almost immortal with the right Glyph

Obviously, the Handle of Forsbrandr still has a flaw: like all the relics in Valhalla mode, it has a limited number of charges. You will therefore not be able to spam its use endlessly since it can only be used 5 times before reaching exhaustion. To restore some uses, however, you can purchase refills on the Sanctuary Tablets for a few resources. Unfortunately, this won't be enough to make you truly immortal. To get there, you will therefore have to go through another solution: the Trump Glyphs.

By looking for Asset Glyphs in the reward chests of Valhalla, you may indeed come across the Silver Asset Glyph “Reckless Recharge” which allows you to find a relic charge every time you get hit currently using these. In other words, you just need to use Forsbrandr's Handle just before you take a hit (as if you wanted to use the shield) to recharge it as much as you want. , and you will become a real tank that is impervious to most damage.

Of course, while it will be possible to take the Handle of Forsbrandr on each of your runs, finding the “Reckless Recharge” will partly depend on your luck. So don't hesitate to look for other ways to regenerate relic charges, there are a few others (even if they are less effective).