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Thumper Lethal Company, how to get rid of this monster?

 In Lethal Company, you will come across many creatures including the Thumper. We give you useful information about the monster and how to escape it.

Lethal Company, the horror game where you are sent to planets to collect resources in order to earn as much money as possible and pay off your debts,  is one of the most played titles at the moment.

During your exploration, you will encounter monsters who do not want your good some of whom seek to eliminate you as soon as they see you. Among the creatures present in the game, we find the Thumper, a sort of mannequin with a spring in place of the neck and we will give you the strategy allowing you to escape from it.

How to defeat a Thumper in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company Thumpers, also called Halves, are merciless hunters, capable of reaching blazing speeds in a straight line. Their particular anatomy, with a cartilaginous skeleton, gives them formidable agility and strength. Their method of hunting relies on sight, as they are completely deaf. This particularity can be exploited to escape them: simply get out of their field of vision.

Despite their speed, Thumpers are less agile in turns, providing an opportunity to lose them by taking multiple turns. If chased, choose winding corridors and stay out of their line of sight. If you have to face them, be aware that they require several hits to defeat. Using a shovel can be effective, allowing them to be stunned and eliminated more quickly.

One strategy is to distract a Thumper while another player attacks it. It is also possible to get to safety by climbing on railings, out of reach of the Thumpers. However, be careful in the mansion, where the guardrails are lower and do not provide safe shelter from these creatures.

How to defeat a Thumper in Lethal Company