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TOP 10 interesting games on Android without the Internet


TOP 10 interesting games on Android without the Internet

There are many places where the Internet is not available, but this is not a reason to be bored. Puzzles, clickers, meditative games - there are many genres that can be played in any situation, even without Internet access. In this top, you will find interesting and varied games that you can download for free and play without a network connection. The list will be updated, so it’s better to bookmark the article to stay updated on new interesting projects.

1. "Killer Sudoku"

A number puzzle, or "Sudoku", originated in the 18th century. To pass the level, you need to place the numbers in the 9X9 field, fulfilling all the requirements. Another condition has been added to “Killer Sudoku” - it is necessary that the sum of the numbers in the highlighted squares coincides with the specified number. This is a good brain workout that will help you reboot. The app has ongoing events and daily challenges to keep things interesting. Intuitive and simple controls, as well as several visual modes, are just the thing for an evening brainstorming session on public transport.

2. Homescapes

A game in the “three in a row” genre, which captivates with its pleasant visuals and constant progression. After completing a couple of levels, you can buy an upgrade or update the interior, which creates a feeling of accomplishment. This is a continuation of the series, the first game was Gardenscapes, where the player restored his newly acquired garden. The new part has an even larger number of non-repetitive levels and the ability to change the situation at any time. Energy is only spent when you are defeated, and Homescapes is not particularly demanding on the phone's energy consumption, so it is a suitable game for long trips.

3. Plants vs Zombies 2

One of the most popular games in the Tower Defense genre, which was originally released on desktop devices. The player takes on the role of a strategist gardener trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Despite the “bloody” battles, the game pleases with cute visuals, and with its simple concept, it can captivate a person of any age. Plants vs Zombies 2 has an RPG system, and completing one level does not take much time, which allows the user to devote as much time to the game as he wants.

4. Subway Surfers

A game from 2012, which still remains among the most popular. The story (if you can call it that) sees the player as a rebellious teenager running away from a police officer with a dog, constantly jumping between three paths. It sounds easy, but add coins, challenges, and power-ups - and now there’s an endless race ahead to cheerful music. Subway Surfers does not try to look like an intellectual or hardcore game, inviting the user to simply relax and reboot.

5. Smash Hit

A meditative game in which the player breaks glass using metal balls. And it sounds simple, but in reality, you will be furiously poking at the screen, trying to move further in the level. Battery consumption is average, and without the Internet, you can automatically skip ads. Today the author abandoned the game, but the concept of the project is such that even without updates you can get stuck for dozens of hours, especially on the road.

6. Soul Knight

A seemingly simple pixel game in the spirit of The Binding of Isaac, which in fact can absorb the player for a long time. Soul Knight has a huge amount of content, and donation is optional. You have the right to complete the game alone and offline, or you can clear randomly generated dungeons with a friend online. Vertical mode looks good, and your fingers don't block your view (which is a problem in many similar games).

7. Badland

Creating something unique and memorable is quite difficult, especially in the mobile gaming environment. Therefore, outstanding projects are relevant even after 10 years. Badland is a slightly chaotic game that is vaguely reminiscent of Flappy Bird. You control spherical creatures that must overcome an obstacle course alone or in the company of friends (up to 4 people). If you don’t strive to complete 100%, then on average there is 15 hours of gameplay here. Among the disadvantages, it can be noted that the game is energy-consuming; on the road, you will have to monitor the battery charge.

8. Shadow Fight 2

We decided to make a selection as diverse as possible so that everyone could find a “diamond in the rough.” One of these nuggets was Shadow Fight 2, which was released in 2014 and is still being updated. The main character is a shadow who knows martial arts. He needs to defeat demons, which are the souls of the strongest warriors on Earth. This depersonalization gives free rein to the imagination, allowing you to assemble a character to suit your style. A juicy picture, a fairly large skill tree, and responsive controls - in general, there is everything here that will distract you from the boring routine when you are offline.

9. "Words of Wonders: Word Game"

How large is your vocabulary? Can you get the maximum out of 6 letters and find all the hidden words? In fact, everything is not so complicated: Words of Wonders is a simple puzzle that is suitable for people of any age, and the huge number of levels will not run out even on the longest trip. Developers regularly release updates adding new activities. There are also versions in different languages, which will help in learning a foreign language.

10. "Cats and Soup"

A cute clicker that will forever win a place in your heart. The game is meditative, without a plot or ending. Watch how the cute cats cook the soup, adding more and more ingredients. The developers regularly add events, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored one day. The game has a photo mode that will help you take a wide variety of photos for your desktop. At the same time, “Cats and Soup” is perceived as a Tamagotchi, so you won’t be looked at askance and accused of having the wrong priorities. Everyone loves cats!


We will closely monitor upcoming mobile games and will definitely add relevant and interesting projects to the list. What are your favorite mobile phones? Share in the comments your achievements and projects that have captured your attention.