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Totem Sarentu Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: where to find the 12 locations?

 Looking for the location of the 12 Sarentu Totems in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? We help you with this guide to find them!

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Sarentu Totems are more than just artifacts: they are a bridge to the history and culture of the Sarentu tribe. If you are a gamer who is passionate about discovery and exploration, this article is for you. We will guide you to find the locations of the 12 Sarentu Totems scattered throughout the Pandora map.

These totems, divided into four in the Kinglor Forest, five in the Upper Plains, and three in the Shrouded Forest, play a key role in the protagonist's quest to reconnect with his ancestral roots. Each totem presents a unique challenge, requiring you to find the ideal vantage point to solve the associated puzzle.

The 12 Sarentu Totem Locations in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Kinglor Forest

  • Valley of Waterways: Located in the extreme southeast, the totem is near a small cave.
Kinglor Forest

  • Between Waterways Valley and Spinner's Circle: Near the Echo Pneumatic Tower, this totem is visible on a mountain.
Totem Sarentu Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: where to find the 12 locations?

  • Muslin Lakes: This totem is harder to locate, hiding among floating rocks.
Muslin Lakes

  • Silky Forest: Right next to the World Tree, this totem offers a clear view to the east.
Silky Forest

Upper Plains

  • Mother of Rivers: Accessible from the entrance to the Upper Plains, this totem is located near a small tree.
Upper Plains

  • Eywa's Reach: Near the Extracting Plant RDA Base, this totem is nestled in a cave.
Eywa's Reach

  • Celebration Valley: Located on the Grande Défense mountain, this totem offers a panoramic view.
Celebration Valley

  • Mother of Rivers (other locations): Two other totems are found in this region, near the Faithful Guardians and under the mountain of the First Zakru.
Mother of Rivers

Mother of Rivers

Shrouded Forest

  • Rocking Pines: This totem is located east of the Sculptors' River, near a Rogtrunk tree.
Shrouded Forest

  • The Cup: Under an RDA base, this totem is accessible from the Unity Resistance Field Station.
The Cup

  • Valley of the Stone Clouds: The last totem is located west of the Shrouded Forest, accessible from The Refuge.
Valley of the Stone Clouds

To help you understand these words, you can watch the following video with the 12 locations:

The quest for the Sarentu Totems in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a rewarding adventure that not only allows you to discover the magnificent landscapes of Pandora, but also to deepen your understanding of Na'vi culture. By solving these puzzles, you get closer to the mystical nature of Pandora and honor the heritage of the Sarentu tribe.