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Up to 111 free packs to win with this EA FC 24 Radioactive challenge: it's Christmas before its time!

 We know about EA Sports FC 24, it's difficult to say no to 1 free pack. At 11 free packs, it's even crazier, but imagine being offered the opportunity to open 111 free packs! This is precisely what a Radioactivity challenge offers you at the moment.

Radioactive, a generous event in terms of content

Before talking about this challenge and the related DCE, it should be said that if it is not yet Christmas, it is still somewhat the case on EA Sports FC 24 with this Radioactivity event which landed last Friday and will continue until Friday 8 at 7 p.m. at least.

Indeed, among the new features brought by this event, we find an advent calendar that allows you to win rewards and free packs every day, simply by connecting to the game and exchanging a bronze card.

We also have a daily challenge that requires playing 2 matches to win packs and in particular a player from the Radioactive promotion on loan for 2 matches to be able to test the different cards that were added last Friday via this one.

Radioactive, a generous event in terms of content

A DCE and a challenge to win 111 free packs on EA Sports FC 24!

But what will interest us here is a DCE, the one called “Radioactivity Creation Improvement”. In fact, it offers you the opportunity to exchange 11 Gold players for a pack of 3 rare players. Small specificity, it can be done no less than 100 times!

That's 100 Rare Gold 3-player packs, which is already huge. Except things don't stop there since a challenge is based on this DCE and offers to add every 10 successful DCEs, a new free pack. This represents 10 additional packs plus an eleventh once the challenge is completed.

Packs which are also much more interesting than the 3 players Rare Gold of the DCE itself. We'll let you judge for yourself with the full list of rewards below.

  • 10 DCE: Player Choice 83+
  • 20 DCE: 1 small Prime pack of Gold players
  • 30 DCE: 1 rare Gold pack
  • 40 DCE: 1 Gold premium player pack
  • 50 DCE: 1 pack of 10 80+ players
  • 60 DCE: 1 pack of 2 players 84+
  • 70 DCE: 1 rare player pack
  • 80 DCE: 1 pack of 5 players 83+
  • 90 DCE: 1 pack of 11 players 81+
  • 100 DCE: 1 pack of 2 players 85+
  • Final reward: 1 Jumbo pack

How to find players for the “Radioactivity Creation Improvement” DCE?

If the rewards are nice, you will still have to find the 1,100 players necessary to carry out these DCEs and you do not want them to be three big fodders and that is understandable. So there are two ways to make your life easier.

The first is the transfer market by collecting cards at the lowest possible price in the last seconds. A technique that works well, but can be a little complicated if a lot of players apply it at the same time. So avoid times when many players are connected.

Another technique that works is to do the daily Gold reinforcement which guarantees you 11 players against a Bronze team and a Silver team. No need to rush this challenge, as it is active until December 22 at 7 p.m., which still gives you a little time to complete it.