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Walkthrough of True Stalker - all main and side quests


Walkthrough of True Stalker - all main and side quests

True Stalker is a global story modification created by fans using the improved Call of Pripyat engine. In this guide, we will describe the passage of all story and additional tasks, and tell you how to find tools, weapons, artifacts, and other items.

In True Stalker, players take on the role of a free stalker named Topor, who returned to the Zone from the mainland. When the guide and the main character arrive, they are spotted by military personnel at a checkpoint, but the friends manage to break away from their pursuers.

Chapter 1: "Arrival"

When you wake up, look around the table and pick up food. Chat with Sidorovich and take the first task “New Sortie”. However, before this, we recommend that you examine the buildings and find other useful items, including the Ax stash. If you climb onto the roof of the building next to the stalkers, you will find cartridges there (they may appear in boxes or lie on the floor).

Stash (side)

Exit Sidorovich's bunker and run left to a lonely building. Climb the stairs and take the main character's stash in the far corner. This way you will receive a detector with which you can pick up the first artifact in the active quest.

Stash (side)

New Sortie (Main)

Go to the tunnel with anomalies. Be sure to use bolts along the way to avoid getting into anomalies. At the tunnel, examine the corpse and take the PDA. At this moment, a real stalker will appear and ask not to hand him over to Sidorovich. Don’t rush to go back - since you picked up the stash, pick up the detector and enter the tunnel. to find the artifact.

Return to Sidorovich and decide what to do with the stalker. We decided not to talk about his plan. From now on, you will complete the merchant’s quests to find artifacts, so he will give you a good “Bear” detector, and you can sell your old one along with the found artifact.

Small jobs (side)

Ask Sidorovich about the laptop. He will ask you to visit Mikhalych to pick up the device. Mikhalych is sitting in a house nearby. For this simple quest, you will receive 300 rubles and some other items.

Artifacts for the merchant (main)

In this quest, you need to examine three anomalies and collect all available artifacts. To do this, use the detector that you received from the merchant, but it is worth noting that at the end of the task, he will take it back.

First Anomaly (Radioactive Swamp)

This location is very dangerous because there are many anomalies here. The first two artifacts can be picked up next to the concrete structure - you need to walk along it so as not to touch the anomaly.

The last artifact floats in the water. You can go forward past the anomaly, or go around the location on the left side and enter the water.

First Anomaly (Radioactive Swamp)

Second anomaly (Anomalous tunnel)

On the way to the second anomaly, you can explore the Elevator and the territory of the ATP. The last one is inhabited by bandits, so if you have a double-barreled shotgun, you can try to get rid of them - one accurate hit is enough for any enemy. The swag found will be suitable for sale and further acquisition of more necessary items.

Second anomaly (Anomalous tunnel)

Following the marker will eventually lead you to a tunnel similar to the one where you found your first artifact. Find a safe path using bolts and take two artifacts.

Second anomaly (Anomalous tunnel)

As soon as you get out, the hero will be attacked by a lone bandit named Shnyra. Refuse to give up the items, and then you can finish him off.

On the right side of the road, you will come across the Nizhny Khutor anomaly. It is dotted with small teleports, but artifacts here always appear only on the ground, so there is no point in examining the floating islands (we only managed to find cartridges there).

Third anomaly (Inferno)

The last anomaly is located in another part of the map, so you will have to go through either a checkpoint or an anomalous tunnel. We chose the first option and killed all the military - a great opportunity to replenish our supplies of Kalash cartridges and earn some money. However, you can also cross the train tracks to the right of the outpost (there is a hole in the fence).

Third anomaly (Inferno)

When you pass by the Farm, loot the corpse in the second building. Around this time, you will receive the additional task “Dead in the Anomaly.”

Third anomaly (Inferno)

Having reached the anomaly, find two artifacts and return to Sidorovich. As we have already noted, he will take back his detector - he will have to buy another one with the proceeds.

Third anomaly (Inferno)

Deaths in the anomaly (collateral)

We advise you to complete the quest on the way back to Sidorovich. You will just be running across the bridge under which the soldiers who were chasing the hero the day before died. The privates will have nothing, but the sergeant will have a walkie-talkie. It will be marked as a quest item and will probably come in handy later.

Old acquaintances. Where to find dynamite

After talking with Sidorovich, return to the village and find a stalker named Fan. He will give you one more task - you need to get dynamite hidden by the Wolf not far from the ATP, and then blow up the dogs' lair.

On the way to the place where the explosives are hidden, you will definitely stumble upon a military patrol. It could be one soldier or a whole group - be careful. Having arrived at the place marked with a marker, go to the second carriage and pick up the dynamite.

Old acquaintances. Where to find dynamite

Old acquaintances. Where to find dynamite

As soon as you do this, the next quest “Lair of Mutants” will begin.

Mutant Lair (main)

Get to the marker on the map. While your friends are fighting off a pack of dogs, enter the lair and plant explosives. There is no point in examining the cave - there are no valuables inside.

As a reward, you will receive 900 rubles and a broken Ksyusha with body kits. Agree to move with the stalkers to the village to immediately visit the technician and complete another story mission.

First machine (main)

Talk to Mikhalych and give him the machine gun, after which you will have to complete another story quest, “Strange Glows.”

Strange glows (main)

First, you need to wait for night - you can do this on any bed, both in the basement where you appeared and in Sidorovich's bunker. Wait until 00:00 and run to the nearest anomaly.

Strange glows (main)

Here you will meet three poltergeists. Decide what to do - kill them or immediately return to the village. If you want to get rid of the monsters, just shoot any weapon at the center of the white glow. Upon your return, tell Mikhalych what happened. He will agree to repair the cannon.

Nothing changes (basic)

As soon as you leave the building, Yurok will invite you to join the stalkers by the fire. The next morning Mikhalych will send a message that the repairs are ready. All that remains is to pick up a new weapon and, along with this, receiving additional quests to find tools.

Where to find tools for rough work

Go to the ATP and find a yellow bus in front of the object. It is located to the right of the main entrance. There is no need to climb onto the bus itself - jump onto the rusty barrels and pick up the tools from them (you will have to hold down the Ctrl + X keys).

Where to find tools for rough work

Where to find tools for rough work

Where to find tools for fine work

The tool set can only be obtained in the second chapter after you find yourself in the Depot. Exit this location and follow forward to the tunnel. However, we do not recommend going there without an optical sight - there are a lot of bandits and they are quite accurate.

When you reach the fork, go up the steps into a room with a red glow. On the left side of the room, you will see a metal table with tools on the bottom shelf.

Where to find tools for fine work

Where to find tools for fine work

Where to Find Calibration Tools

The last tools are in the Dark Valley location. You will only get here for the third story chapter. Approach the entrance to the factory building where the bandits are holed up, but do not go inside. Behind the gas station, you will see three huge tanks - climb onto the roof and go to the last one, in which there is an opening with a ladder. Go downstairs and pick up the tools.

Where to Find Calibration Tools

Where to Find Calibration Tools

Stripping (basic)

Talk to Sidorovich and ask if he has a job in mind. The merchant will ask you to kill a pack of dogs that lives between the ATP and the anomalous tunnel. There will be quite a lot of dogs, so stock up on ammo. You can also use the anomaly nearby - walk up to it and wait for most of the dogs to climb into it. As a reward, you will receive 1000 rubles, a first aid kit, canned food, and armor-piercing cartridges for AK.

Work as a conductor (main)

Before completing the task, you can take other side quests from Sidorovich (they are constantly updated, but mainly these are tasks to search for artifacts, and objects, or eliminate stalkers).

Go down to the basement and talk with Yurk. He's not feeling well after last night, so we'll have to act as a guide for him.

To the east of the checkpoint, there is a tunnel through which a friend leads newcomers. You will have to leave early in the morning (from 04:00 to 08:00). Wait for the right time, follow the fence until you find yourself in the tunnel, and talk with Andryukha Dikiy.

If there are military personnel at the checkpoint, move carefully. We dealt with them in advance, so we walked a short section without any problems until one of the stalkers became ill. Approaching him, he will hit the Axe, then the newcomers will rob the main character. Only one radio, found earlier, will remain in the backpack.

Stolen Goods (main)

Return to Yurk in the basement and report what happened. He will give you his pistol and some supplies, and will also tell you where to look for the thieves. You can skip the elevator, as there are none there. Go straight to the Farm across the bridge.

The stalkers have taken up residence in a nearby building, but will not offer any resistance. You have the right to kill them and examine the corpses (in the pockets of one of them you can find the coordinates of the cache). Don't forget to put your things in the small box by the window.

Note that Yurok will be saddened by your decision if you killed the novice stalkers.

The Missing Stalker (side)

When you talk with Yurk, at the exit you will meet a stalker named Shaiba. He will ask you to find a missing friend who went for swag.

Run towards the checkpoint under the bridge and go to the Elevator. Along the way you will hear a cry for help. If you don’t find Kiryukha in time, you won’t be able to interact with him (he’ll just lie motionless). So load your last save and immediately enter the one-story building to trigger a cutscene.

An unusual flesh will appear - kill it and listen to the dying Kiryukha. Return to Shayba and tell him about it. If you are ready, then go with your squad on a sortie.

It is not necessary to kill everyone, since the release will begin soon. Shoot one monster and follow the stalkers to the tunnel. Here also get rid of several mutants and watch the cutscene on the engine. When you return to the village, you will receive 7,000 rubles and a scientific first aid kit.

Masters from Cordon (side)

This task can be taken in the “Upper Farm” location, which is between the bridge and the transition to the Landfill. Talk to the stalker nicknamed Fierce. Talk to him about exoskeletons, after which the quest will become active. We will tell you more about the location of the technician in the next chapter.

Advantageous offer (side)

On your way to the passage to the Landfill, you will meet a guy who is trying to start the car. But for this he does not have enough gasoline. Should I agree? Now we'll tell you.

If you return to the village and contact Mikhalych, you will have to pay 1000 rubles for the canister. But Vasyan won’t need it. Arriving at him, he will tell you how he was attacked by bandits. As a reward you will receive a hunting scope, TOZ and 1500 rubles.

Unusual Artifact (Side)

Find Gobber in the village. It is in the far house on the left. Chat with him and agree to go together in search of the artifact. Having arrived at the place, kill two fleshes and pick up the “Heart of a Dog” artifact.

At the same moment, several pseudo-dogs will appear. Here you will have a choice - give the artifact to Gobber or keep it for yourself. The stalker will not deceive, so you can give him the find, then wait a little and return for your share.

Fear of the unknown (basic)

Before heading to the Scrapyard, we recommend completing all available side quests. You can, of course, do this later. The above describes all the additional tasks that we managed to find at the Cordon location.

When you're ready, head to the passage to the Dump. If you completed the quest “Best Offer”, you should have already encountered a group of bandits living at the checkpoint. Behind the building in the bushes there is a cache with military first aid kits and anti-radiation agents. When you go to the Landfill, a new chapter “Beyond the Cordon” will begin.

Chapter 2: "Beyond the Cordon"

Here we describe the passage of all the story and additional quests of the second chapter of the True Stalker modification.

Prisoners (main)

Upon arriving at the Scrapyard, you will meet Mishgan. The stalker will tell you about his comrades who were captured by bandits at an equipment dump. For the work, he will pay 10 thousand rubles at once, and will also give him a choice: start an attack from the hill or be bait. The second option is much more convenient since the enemies are accurate and kill in several bursts.

If you choose to be bait, wait until Mishgan puts two down, then immediately shoot the nearby enemies. All that remains is to clear the camp and get to the prisoners. At the end of the quest, you can return ten to the stalker, and you will receive 2 thousand rubles back and access to the quest “Trader from the Landfill”.

Junkyard Trader (Primary)

If you do not agree to go with your new friends to the merchant, then soon a small group of bandits will appear at the equipment dump. Run to the Depot and talk to Patron. You find out that Crutch is busy now - you'll have to find something else to do. At the same moment, three activities will appear in the task log: “Outpost of Duty”, “Flea Market”, and “Forest”.

When you complete all the tasks, get to the Bar and receive another task, the quest will fail. But a new task “Messenger” will begin.

Deserter (primary)

In front of the Duty Outpost there is a destroyed building (Flea Market), where a military man will be waiting for you, trying to leave the Zone. Agree to help him and take him to Yurk, who is located at the beginning of the location. Along the way you will encounter dogs, as well as a group of stalkers. Explain to them that you are a guide and that the rest does not concern them.

The mystery of the Dyatlov outpost (main)

Run to the Duty Outpost and talk to the commander. He will ask you to establish surveillance of the camp after midnight, as some kind of devilry is happening here.

Chat with the officer and watch the cutscene on the engine. As soon as it ends, run to Dyatlov and tell him about what happened. Now we need to find out more about the anomaly from local residents.

Return to the Depot and talk to all the stalkers. In the far right corner of the hangar there is a guy named Fedya Graf, who will tell who might know about the devilry. Go to the “Field” anomaly, which is behind the Flea Market. Wait until the stalker is free, then ask him for details.

At the end of the dialogue, chat with Dyatlov again, then with one of his subordinates. They will direct you to the Mysterious Forest. The path is long and dangerous - almost everywhere you will encounter anomalies. As soon as you are there, watch the next video on the engine. You will find out what happened to the missing Duty fighter.

Since the commander went to Bar, there are still a few more story missions left to complete in order to meet him in person and tell him everything.

Having completed one more assignment, Dyatlov will ask you to find Averyanov, who recently escaped from the outpost. You should go into the forest again, watch the cutscene, then return to the outpost.

Dyatlov will offer a reward to choose from:

  • Abakan (place for a sight and a grenade launcher), GP-25 “Koster” grenade launcher, 2 batteries, 2 army first aid kits, 1 mineral water;
  • Steel helmet (chemical protection +10%, radio protection +10%), 4 batteries, 2 army first aid kits, 1 mineral water;
  • Money (13,000), 2 batteries, 2 army first aid kits, 1 mineral water.

Help "Duty" (main)

This quest will become active when you head to the Mysterious Forest on the previous quest. Not far from this location there is a Swamp near the substation, where the bandits have settled. There are about six of them here, so stock up on ammo and first aid kits in advance.

Having done this, return to the outpost and talk with the commander. At the same time, report the death of the missing soldier.

Bar. After shutdown (main)

Now that you have gained the trust of Duty, go to the Bar and watch the video. The hero will wake up in a bar and meet the Bartender - all that remains is to go out and talk with Sergeant Lyubeznov. By the way, the kidnappers will be waiting for you in the Arena nearby: the battle can begin once every 24 game hours.

Playing with Fire (side)

You can pick up the task at the bar if you talk to one of the stalkers. We advise you to talk to everyone to immediately activate the quest “Boogo’s Cache” - their markers are nearby.

Arriving at the point, use a shotgun and get rid of three fire poltergeists. Just a few shots are enough.


  • Fire ball;
  • Scientific first aid kit;
  • 2000 rubles.

Bukhoy's cache (side)

Once you have dealt with the poltergeists, enter the garage and go down into the viewing hole. There is a backpack here - interact with it, then watch the cutscene. When you wake up, talk to the Drinking Buddy and decide his fate: you can finish him off and get the coordinates to two caches at once. Otherwise, only one cache will become available.

Unusual request (side)

You will receive this quest after talking with the sergeant who saved the hero from the bandits. Return to the Depot and find Corvalol by the fire. He will give the hero an artifact and a token, which must be handed over to the sergeant.

Upon arrival at Bar, you can make a choice: give Lyubeznov only the token or along with the artifact. If you act honestly, you will receive the key to the bandit cache as a reward. This will begin the quest “Loot”.

Loot (side)

The bandits' stash is located behind the Landfill Depot in a long tunnel. You could find a set of tools for fine work here, but you could not open the locked door. It's time to go back and do it. Here you will find some weapons, artifacts, as well as an improved Veles detector.

Messenger (main)

After talking with the merchant in the Depot, you will receive another quest, but only from his guard. Go to the Camp on the Rocks location, which is located in the western part of the map. Having arrived at the place, kill two pseudo-dogs and chat with Myslav. A new task will begin.

Looking for the code. How to find Khvost, Mitya and Master

In the dialogue with Myslav, you will receive a tip on his three comrades who have scattered throughout the Zone. To find out the code to the safe, you will have to find them.

How to find Tail in the Dump

Unfortunately, the stalker died during another raid. You will find his corpse in the landfill between the Flea Market and the Helicopter Graveyard. This place will be marked on the map, and when you get closer, you will see a corpse icon. The pockets contain a lot of ammo and an improved L85A2 rifle with a red dot sight. You can sell it as a last resort.


We are still playing through the game and finalizing the manual. If you want to supplement the material, write about it in the comments.