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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Romance Guide - All Companion Novels


Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Romance Guide - All Companion Novels

Developing relationships with characters in RPG games is an important part of the gameplay, without which no project can do. This also includes novels, which often become available with several companions of the main character at once. The recently released Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader also featured this. In this guide, we will tell you who you can develop a love relationship with in the game and how to achieve this.

In Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, each member of the squad is very different and has personal views on each of the issues that arise. Often, as you develop communication and friendship with one, you will move away from the other. However, experienced players will immediately find loopholes, so with the right approach, the project allows you to romance several heroes at once for a long time. Unfortunately, in the end you still have to make a choice.

The main thing you should pay attention to in any case is the worldview system. There are three directions: schismatic, dogmatist or heretic. Worldview is available in the hero menu, so you can easily compare yours with the character you like. Obviously, for the rapid development of love, the same worldview will be required, otherwise the chosen one simply will not understand you. Unfortunately, if you play as Chaos and, accordingly, adhere to a heretical alignment, building love will be almost impossible. This path is for singles.

The second point is that romantic lines look a little different in dialogue, so they are easy to distinguish. However, there is no need to relax. Not all heroes will like the same approach. Flirting with someone is appropriate, but with others it is better to be simply friendly, avoiding ambiguous hints and touches.

The third important component of a happy relationship is personal quests. They must be completed as soon as possible.

Note: Note that out of 10 assistants, you can build a romantic relationship with only five.

Who can you start romances with in Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

The five heroes available for romantic relationships are divided by preference. Some people care about the gender of the character, while others don't care.

Male Rogue Trader only:

  • Cassia Orsellio.

For female Rogue Trader only:

  • Heinrichs van Kalox.

Regardless of gender:

  • Jay Heydari;
  • Irliet Lanewiss;
  • Marazhay Ezirraesh.

The list is not very impressive, but thanks to the different types, everyone will find a companion to their taste.

How to build a romantic relationship with Cassia Orsellio

Your first companion will be Cassia, who will team up with the Rogue Trader almost immediately after the start of the story. In the first chapter, during the “Secrets” task, solve the puzzle in the Navis Nobilite laboratory. Cassia is a navigator and officer. Without it, your ship will not be able to navigate through space. The girl is concerned about her specific appearance, so it will be important for you to see in her not just a useful crew member, but a person.

Meeting Cassia for the first time is quite easy. During the quest, convince a character to board your starship. The good news is that she will agree either way. As soon as you have the opportunity to talk with a new member of the squad, be sensitive and try to calm the girl down. Cassia is very worried about professional mutations, so you need to maintain her morale and convince her not to be shy about her appearance.

The first correct line will be “You are beautiful, no matter what. ” Further development will be intuitive. Support Cassia's ideas and listen to her in the decision-making process. In the second act, when the opportunity presents itself, check its status, and the lines that must be said will be:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Sorry, Cassia, but I would like to know more about you personally, not your family.
  • Your third eye - do you always hide it?
  • You are beautiful, Cassia. Don't let anyone or anything convince you otherwise.
  • I would not dare to ridicule the feelings of a lady, especially one who has captivated me since I first saw her.

In battle, Cassia is also very useful. Thanks to her officer abilities, she can buff allies and also deal with groups of enemies from a distance.

How to build a romantic relationship with Heinrichs van Kalox

Heinrichs is a nobleman from a noble family, so an affair with a female hero will be especially interesting for him. The companion will join you in the first chapter after completing the Electrodynamic Cloister and the First Galvanic Hymn puzzle. Heinrichs is a dogmatist to the core, so you should choose answers that fit that worldview.

You can develop a romance with him after the moment when the option to communicate with a friend in private appears. Choose the answer in the dialogue: “I know how to play regicide. Perhaps we could talk about the game from time to time. "

To advance, in any case, you will have to complete a personal quest. Once at the estate, don't miss the moment of the kiss. It is the Merchant who needs to take the initiative. In the future, stop Heinrichs and do not let him leave the premises.

After meeting Aurora, do not miss a few lines in the future dialogue with Heinrichs:

  • Examine the control panel damaged by Aurora.
  • Continue.
  • Continue.
  • Heinrichs, look here. Is this by any chance what you are looking for?

After this, a cut-scene will start on the starship - Heinrichs will want to discuss something:

  • Thank you. The Inquisition's generosity is greatly appreciated.
  • Talking to you confuses me just as much, Master van Calox.
  • You did not understand correctly. It's not your status that makes me nervous, it's you personally.

When the choice appears to give Heinrichs the artifact or throw it away, the decision does not matter. At the same time, be sure to choose cues related to tactility. A man doesn't mind being touched. In battle, the companion uses psyker abilities.

How to build a romantic relationship with Jay Heydari

One of the easiest characters in terms of developing relationships. Jay's moral principles are questionable, so she is not shy about open flirting. In addition, she is a smuggler, which means she is constantly balancing between legal and not-so-legal behavior. Jay will join you in the second chapter. Complete the quest “Persona non grata” and agree to return the cargo.

Talk to the girl as soon as she appears on the bridge of the starship. In general, you won’t have to work hard:

  • Was there any matter you wanted to discuss?
  • Continue.
  • A truly wonderful gift. I accept it with gratitude.
  • Continue.
  • It sounds simple enough. I will help you.
When given the opportunity, be sure to select the answer: “Dear Princess? Did some lucky guy take the heart?”. After this, flirt whenever there are appropriate options in the dialogues. After completing the quest chain on Dargonus, inform Supreme Factotum Janris Dunrok that you want to give Jay a planet. A large-scale gift will not go unnoticed. However, you can get by with smaller gifts: a dress, a weapon, or a ship. If everything is done correctly, you will see the option: “We need to discuss what is happening between us. ” Say this and the affair will be sealed.

How to Romance Irliet Lanewiss

Unlike Jay, Irliet is much more difficult in terms of developing relationships. The girl is an Eldar ranger and treats people with mistrust by default. You will meet Irliet in the second chapter in the world of Janus. After recruitment, talk to your companion on the starship and say the phrase: “The Chaos Gods are the enemies of the Imperium, which means that they are my enemies. You can be sure of this. "

You must understand one principle - you should not flirt with Irliet. Your behavior should earn her respect, only in this case there is a chance of success. Don't try to be pushy and be understanding when she talks about the differences between Eldar and humans. Also, never interrupt her meditation, this is important.

Be sure to complete the Aeldari in Trouble quest. During the execution, the Eldar herself initiates dialogue. Select replicas:

  • My people were disdainful and I apologize for that.
  • I will talk to my subjects. You won't be disturbed anymore.

For a successful romance in the fountain episode, don't try to kiss her. You should limit yourself to touching your hand. In the third act, be restrained and forgive Irliet for her offense. Protect her whenever the opportunity arises to finally achieve your goal.

How to build a romance with Marazhay Ezirraesh

Last on our list is Marazhai Drukhari. The relationship with him is especially interesting because no one in your squad likes the companion. You will meet Ezirraesh much later than many other assistants - in the third chapter. Complete the arena battle and start the mission “Suspicious Absence”. In a conversation with Ulfar and Argenta, say: “I didn’t save Marazhai’s life so you could take matters into your own hands! Put away all the weapons!".

The next dialogue will take place with Marazhay alone. Choose:

  • What do you need?
  • Very good. If we ever encounter Iremeriss, I will allow you to deal the final blow.
  • Look what was covered on the plate.
  • Is your armor held on by hooks that dig into your body?
  • Nods silently.
Move to another location in space and talk to Marazhai again: “I’m going to the officer’s deck immediately. ” Start the "Soulless" quest. It is necessary to put the companion on alert: “Marazhay! Behind you!". A battle begins in which it is important to save Ezirraesh’s life. After winning, talk to him:

  • Marazhai, are you sure you have come to your senses?
  • Your presence causes me great concern, xenos.
  • I will provide you with hunting grounds, Marazhai. Bay on the lower decks. Down there, you can do whatever your heart desires, but you must not leave its confines during warp jumps.
You can choose another answer: “Either you endure or die. ” This is also a valid option that your companion will like even more than the standard one.

Complete the quest, and then discuss the situation with Maraj again. When the companion himself comes to the Merchant, answer:

  • What do you mean by "feast"?
  • Please, Marazhai, be my guide.
Congratulations, the romance has become official.