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Warzone 3 Asset: Complete list of new ones in Season 1

 Discover the list of new perks and the best perks in Warzone 3 to optimize your tactics and your class.

In Warzone 3 Season 1, every strategic choice can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Assets play a crucial role when choosing your class. Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 introduced an expanded array of assets.

If you don't know which perk to equip on your class, no worries. We give you the complete site as well as the best assets in any situation to help you. Note that these are generic choices and that certain classes will require you to equip different assets to complete the build.

All perks in Warzone 3: full list

As you will have understood, there are two types of assets. Default assets and custom assets.

Default Perks: These perks are automatically activated for your operator, providing benefits like increased climbing speed or better weapon management.

  • Tactical Pads:  Increase sliding distance and allow you to aim correctly while sliding. Increase the speed of position change.
  • Commando Gloves:  Allow you to recharge with current.
  • Quick Grip Gloves:  Increase weapon switching speed.
  • Climbing Boots:  Increase crossing and climbing speed.
  • Overarmament:  Allows you to choose two primary weapons.

Custom Perks: Selectable within a class, they offer specific benefits, such as reduced fall damage or improved movement speed under certain conditions.

  • Irradiated:  You move faster and take less damage in the gas.
  • Tempered:  Now available as a custom perk, Tempered allows you to completely fill your protective vest with two plates instead of three.
  • Combat Scout:  Your bullets briefly mark the enemy for you and your entire team. The further you shoot, the longer the marking.
  • Fixed:  When you are shot, you receive a short speed boost.
  • Veiled:  Throws a smoke grenade when knocked down.
  • Mountaineer:  Reduces fall damage.
  • Tracker:  Increases the speed of lateral movement and movement in aiming mode.
  • Evasion:  Increased movement speed when prone, crouching, or prone.
  • Ready:  Accuracy and aiming speed are improved when jumping.
  • Ability:  delay the explosion of unpinned grenades while sprinting. Warns of nearby enemy equipment and reduces combat noise.
Warzone 3 Asset: Complete list of new ones in Season 1

What are the best assets in general?

  • No Running : Essential for increased mobility across the map.
  • Minesweeper : Reduces explosion damage and provides the ability to surprise opponents with their own grenades.
  • Rapid Regeneration : Initiates health regeneration after a kill, allowing rapid and continuous action.
  • Ability : Warns of the presence of enemy equipment and reduces combat noise, offering a versatile approach.

The addition of these new perks in Warzone 3 opens up a wide range of strategies and playstyles. Whether you're a stealth fighter or a frontal aggressor, there are perks to suit every approach.