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Warzone 3 Settings: What are the best settings to play properly on PC?

 Warzone 3 being a competitive game, the whole idea is to be better than the player opposite. Sometimes it comes down to a few details and these details are perhaps precisely the game settings! In this article, we give you some advice on this level.

Warzone 3 Settings: Display and Graphics

The first big topic that we are going to cover together is that of graphics. The first thing to say is that often, if you look at pro players, they have reduced details and animations to a minimum in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and that's okay.

The more information you load on your screen, the more difficult it will become to get the information that matters to you. So, often, the settings will be set to a minimum on everything that will be detailed in order to be able to concentrate on what matters. For more details, just follow the settings below.

  • Texture resolution: Normal
  • Anisotropic filtering: Normal
  • Depth of field: Without
  • Detail quality level: Normal
  • Particle Resolution: Low
  • Bullet impact: With
  • Persistent effects: With
  • Shader quality: Average
  • Texture display on demand: With
  • Quality of local texture display: Normal
  • Shadow quality: Normal
  • Shadows on screen: Without
  • Ambient occlusion: Without
  • Light reflection: Without
  • Quality of static reflections: High
  • Detail of the land: Without
  • Volumetric quality: Low
  • Physical quality reported: Without
  • Weather grid volumes: Without
  • Water quality: Without

We also advise you to check the refresh rate to be able to set it to the maximum that your equipment allows. Likewise, limit the number of images per second by again adjusting the refresh rate of your screen.

Warzone 3 Settings: What are the best settings to play properly on PC?

Field of view and camera

Now that we have seen together what adjustments to make in terms of graphics, let's take a closer look at the question of the field of vision and the camera. Let's start with an important adjustment, that of the field of vision.

By default, we tend to advise you to start at 100. Some like to go higher, but the problem is that it starts to reduce the size of enemies a lot and you may have some difficulty hitting them at from that moment on.

As for the camera, there are two very important options, weapon motion blur and camera. These two options add realism with a slight blur when moving, the problem is that this blur is handicapping in a competitive logic, so deactivate it.

How to maximize your FPS even more on Warzone 3?

Normally, with the settings we have given you so far, you should be able to run Warzone 3 more than correctly. But if you have a PC that is a little limited, there are some tips to help you gain a little performance.

The first thing to do will be to lower what can still be reduced in terms of graphics, even if this will sometimes look a bit like a mush of pixels and therefore still handicap you. Next, try closing other programs on your PC.

Finally, also remember to check that your card's graphics drivers are up to date . If this is not the case, this could explain a drop in performance. To update them, either you can go to your graphics card manufacturer's website and install it manually or go through your card's software to do it automatically, GeForce Experience for Nvidia and Radeon for AMD.