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Warzone Striker Class: The best accessories, perks and equipment

 The Striker is one of the best classes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3! We give you the best accessories, assets, and equipment!

After two open beta weekends on Modern Warfare 3, players are starting to get an idea of ​​the best classes in the game! Among those that left their mark, we find Striker on MW3.

For fans of close-quarters engagements, the Striker stands out as one of the best MW3 submachine guns. It is therefore crucial to master every aspect. Discover the best accessories, perks, and equipment for the Striker!

Warzone Striker Class: The best accessories, perks and equipment

How to unlock the Striker in Modern Warfare 3

Simply reach level 4 in Modern Warfare 3. An easily achievable goal.

The best accessories for the Striker

For franchise veterans and newbies alike, here is the optimal setup for the Striker in MW3:

  • Cannon: Striker cannon with tip
  • Cannon accessory: Kimura RYN-03 vertical grip
  • Stock: No stock
  • Rear grip: Tactical grip
  • Ammunition: .45 Auto High Grain Ammunition

With this configuration, your Striker will be a real killing machine. Next, the lack of a stock to increase your movement and sprint speed when using the Striker.

Best equipment and perks for the Striker

Your equipment is just as crucial as your weapon. Here is the best class to use with the Striker:

  • Vest: Infantry vest
  • Gloves: Commando glove
  • Boots: Hedging shoes
  • Equipment: Anti-detection camouflage
  • Deadly: Semtex
  • Tactic: Battle Rage
  • Combat Enhancement: Deadly Silence

Here, we seek to increase speed and movement. For starters, the Infantry Vest will increase your tactical speed by reducing its cooldown and increasing its duration. Then, the commando gloves will allow you to recharge during your sprint.

Alternatives to Striker

If Striker isn't your cup of tea, take a look at Rival-9 SMG. And for those who prefer to keep their opponents at bay, the MCW is what you need.

Modern Warfare 3 is full of possibilities, but mastering the class Striker of course requires the choice of your accessories, assets and equipment. Invest time in the optimal setup, and you will see results on the battlefield.