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What are Marvel Snap albums and how to get the new rewards


What are Marvel Snap albums and how to get the new rewards

Marvel Snap albums are new from December 2023 and it is a function that will allow us to get new rewards, but at what price?

Marvel Snap has received one of its most important patches this December, coinciding with the Hellfire Gala season, with the introduction of two surprising new features: the deck autocomplete and the albums.

Albums are perhaps the most exciting new feature because it is a new way to get very juicy rewards. Among them, are keys to open featured chests and new emotes, which can only be obtained this way.

But is it too difficult? We explain what albums are... and what you need to complete them:

Marvel Snap Albums

Marvel Snap Albums

Marvel Snap Albums

Marvel Snap Albums

Marvel Snap Albums

Marvel Snap albums will bring together all variants of the same type within one album. This way you can keep track of how many variants you have of the same type, like a sticker album... although that is not its main function. 

Its main reason for being is to open a new way to obtain rewards, which will only be obtained by those who have invested gold in purchasing variants in the store. At the moment, there are three albums available:

  • Venimized Villains
  • Jim Lee: X-Men
  • Dan Hipp
New albums will be added each season, and albums will not be removed. Just by owning these variants the albums of 12 cards will automatically be completed, although you will get rewards for every 3 cards you collect.

And just in case there were any doubts, the variants of these albums are ALWAYS variants that you can get in the daily rotation of the card shop. These aren't season or event-pass exclusive variants, so theoretically everyone will be able to complete these albums over time.

In fact, album variants will be featured more frequently in the card shop, giving more opportunities to earn these rewards, including the new emotes.

Rewards from the first Marvel Snap albums

Venomized Villains:

  • Venom Avatar
  • Venom Kingpin variant
  • Featured key
  • Venom Emote

Jim Lee: X-Men

  • Deadpool avatar
  • 2000 collector tokens
  • Deadpool variant
  • Magneto Emote

Dan Hipp

  • Cosmo Avatar
  • 2,000 credits
  • Cosmo variant
  • Cosmo Emote