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Where to look for tools in True Stalker: for rough, fine work and calibration


Where to look for tools in True Stalker: for rough, fine work and calibration

The developers of the global mod True Stalker for “Call of Pripyat” have added tools familiar to all fans of the series to the game. Finding them will not only earn you some good money, but also open up the possibility of upgrading your guns and equipment. In this guide we will tell you how to find tools for rough work, fine work and calibration.

How to find tools for rough work

  • Chapter: 1 "Arrival";
  • Location: "Cordon".

This set of tools can be found almost from the very beginning of the game, but before that we recommend going through a chain of story quests to gain access to a dialogue with the technician. The fact is that Mikhalych will refuse to talk to the hero until you get to the task “Nothing Changes”.

How to find tools for rough work

Run along the road to the territory of the ATP, where the bandits have settled. You shouldn't go there - go around it on the right side and look for a yellow bus. Climb onto the barrels and grab the tools lying on the floor. In some cases, you will have to hold down the “Ctrl+X” keys to do this.

How to find tools for fine work

  • Chapter: 2 “Beyond the Cordon”;
  • Location: "Junkyard".

The next set is a little more difficult to get - it is located in the tunnel behind the Depot. Before you go to the marked area, be sure to prepare yourself and buy an optical sight. In front of and in the tunnel itself there are several groups of bandits. They will attack from afar and can easily deal with you. We recommend returning here after completing the task “An Unusual Request ,” since you will receive the key to the bandits’ cache in this tunnel and at the same time you will be able to pick up the Veles detector.

Move to the end of the tunnel and at the fork, find the entrance to a small room. The tools are on the bottom shelf of the table to the left of the entrance.

How to Find Calibration Tools

  • Chapter: 3 "Bandit Valley";
  • Location: "Dark Valley".
Complete all story quests in Chapter 2 to unlock Dark Valley. When you find yourself here for the first time, you can almost immediately go in search of tools - all you have to do is fight off a pack of monsters and bypass all the anomalies.

Run to the entrance to the bandits' base, but after refueling, turn right. Behind it there are three large tanks - you need to climb up and find a hole inside one of them. The desired set will be waiting for you there.

How to Find Calibration Tools

Return all three sets to Mikhalych to unlock additional upgrades and also earn some extra money.


We hope this guide has helped you simplify your search for tools in True Stalker. If you encounter difficulties, find an inaccuracy, or want to supplement the guide, write about it in the comments.