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World Buff SoD: how to get them all? Complete guide

 WoW Classic Season of Discovery has a whole bunch of World Buffs available. We'll explain how to get them all in this article.

Season of Discovery or rather Season of Discovery is one of the big announcements at Blizzcon. Released on Thursday, November 30, 2023, it broke all records, whether in terms of players, spectators on Twitch, or even fun!

The Season of Discovery is divided into several distinct phases, each of which unlocks content and a maximum achievable level. In addition to the new features present in SoD mode, there are also a whole bunch of World Buffs available. Here's how to get them in WoW SoD.

How to get World Buffs in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery?

With the new global PvP battle in Ashenvale, players will receive buffs by being near their faction leader. Just like in Alterac Valley, small camps will be set up around the area where battle lieutenants will be present. For the Alliance, the Keepers of the Grove, and the Horde, the Blademasters will grant Martial Inspiration buffs which will give you an even more powerful buff. Battlefield GeniusNear your faction leader, when you are about 40 meters away from them.

Obtaining World Buffs in Ashenvale: Once per weekly reset, you will obtain an item with a usable World Buff. Warsong Flyer's Mark and Silverwing Sentinel's Charm can be obtained by killing enemies during the event, triggering a quest to deliver the token to your faction leader.

World Buffs at Blackbreeze Depths: Blackbreeze Depths is the new flagship raid for level 25 players. In addition to new bosses and loot, unique buffs are associated with the raid. Using boss heads triggers Boon of Blackfathom, increasing critical chance, power attack, and movement speed for 120 minutes.

How to get World Buffs in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Darkmoon Faire World Buffs: The Darkmoon Faire, which takes place on the first and third weeks of each month, features special buffs from Sayge. Depending on your answers to his questions, you can get a 2 hour buff with a 10% increase in a specific stat.< /span>

Sanctuary Buffs for Priests: New is the introduction of sanctuary buffs for the Priest class. These class-specific buffs can be activated by interacting with shrines in the open world while benefiting from Meditation buffs.

Other known World Buffs: Although classic World Buffs are reserved for high level players, lower level players can still obtain the buff from < a i=2>Darkmoon Faire and a main stat buff in The Barrens after completing the Blood Jewels of Agammagan quest in Camp Taurajo.