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WoW Classic Addons: the best to install for the Season of Discovery!

 With the recent release of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery, We'll invite you to discover the 5 completely essential add-ons!

WoW Classic Addons: the best to install for the Season of Discovery!

World of Warcraft Vanilla was released almost 20 years ago and certain community creators created add-ons that have become completely essential for optimal play.

With the release of Season of Discovery on Classic, these addons are more necessary than ever to help you survive. On this occasion, We'll invite you to discover the 5 addons that will help you the most during your adventure.

These 5 addons are essential for WoW Classic Season of Discovery

1. Questy

First, we inevitably find Questie. This addon simplifies finding quests by displaying markers on the map and mini-map to indicate the location of quests. It is considered the best addon for Classic and that is normal. Download Questie from Curseforge.

2. ClassicCastBars

Second, ClassicCastBars. This addon displays improved spell bars, which can be very useful for tracking spells cast by yourself, your allies, and your enemies. Essential if you want to be able to react and interrupt a spell in a dungeon or during your leveling. Download ClassicCastBars on Curseforge

3. Leatrix Maps and Leatrix Plus

Third, Leatrix Maps. In WoW Classic when you display the map, it takes up your entire screen and prevents you from moving. This addon will make it smaller like on Retail and will allow you to continue your actions while looking at the map. It will save you hours! Leatrix Plus is also a good choice to accompany it. Download Leatrix Maps from Curseforge.

4. ClassicThreatMeter

Fourth, ClassicThreatMeter: For tank classes and even for DPS, managing aggro (in French: threat) is crucial, especially in dungeons and raids. ClassicThreatMeter shows you where you stand in terms of threat compared to other party members, helping you avoid attracting the attention of enemies and therefore dying. Download ClassicThreatMeter from Curseforge.

5. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

In fifth and last position, the timeless Deadly Boss Mods (DBM). If you plan on doing dungeons or raids, DBM is an essential addon. It provides alerts and timers for boss mechanics, which is essential for Classic. Download DBM from Curseforge.

Bonus: Elvui

Come on, We'll offer you one last one for the road! Elvui is a very practical interface addon widely used by players. It allows you to modify each of the settings of your interface in addition to making it prettier. You can deactivate certain functions to keep the classic UI and just use the functionality of the bag for example! In short, this is one of the best interface addons currently available. Download Elvui for free.