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WoW Classic fish oil: where and how to get it, what is it for?

 In WoW Classic, there are unique and original items that are unknown to players and sometimes hard to obtain. 

The Season of Discovery, since its release on November 30, 2023, has continued to fascinate players. However, between difficult quests to complete and (almost) impossible-to-obtain items, some players sometimes need a little help.

This time, We'll tackle Fish Oil on WoW SoD and Classic, we explain where and how you can get it ;buy. We tell you everything.

Where and how to find fish oil in World of Warcraft Classic?

Fish Oil can be acquired almost anywhere in Azeroth. Fish oil can be fished in the Desolace region. This area offers a variety of aquatic creatures suitable for fishing, allowing adventurers to collect the necessary fish oil. It is also obtainable from certain monsters and is used especially for shamans and to obtain a very specific rune. 

In WoW SoD it's quite difficult to obtain it since it's an item that is obtained at a higher level. It therefore sells for dozens of silver coins, or even gold. It is used to obtain the runes Happy Coincidence, Divine Sacrifice, and Warbringer.

Fish oil in WoW SoD will now have no secrets for you!