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WoW SoD Chronochance Displacer: how to get it, use it and what is the item for?

 WoW Classic Season of Discovery has a whole bunch of items available. We'll explain how to get the Chronochance Mover!

The Season of Discovery or rather  Season of Discovery is one of the big announcements at Blizzcon. Released on Thursday, November 30, 2023, it broke all records, whether in terms of players, spectators on Twitch, or even fun!

The Season of Discovery is divided into several distinct phases, each of which unlocks content and a maximum achievable level. In addition to the new features present in SoD mode, an item allows you to pause your World Buffs. Find out how to get the Chronochance Shifter in World of Warcraft SoD.

How to get a Chronochance Shifter in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery?

World Buffs are a bonus that has long disappeared from the lands of WoW Modern. But in Classic WoW, it's a religion! With the Season of Discovery, there are even more to unlock and these are very useful for PvP or even the BFD Raid. 

However, they all have one particularity in common, a limited duration. This can be problematic in certain situations. Fortunately, the Chronochance Shifter allows you to “pause” these World Buffs. It can be obtained from any capital merchant in exchange for 20 to 18 silver coins.

How to get a Chronochance Shifter in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Don't forget to buy several so you can pause or unpause your World Buffs during your raid, between bosses, etc.