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Xenonauts 2 Newbie Tips

 For many players, Xenonauts 2 may seem unnecessarily difficult, especially at first. In this guide, we will provide basic tips that will allow you to get comfortable and survive.

Xenonauts 2 Newbie Tips


Xenonauts 2 is a new turn-based strategy game where your task is to become the leader of brave fighters who fight against alien invaders. Your first focus should be on laboratories. Exploration is the main way to progress in the game. Also don't forget about the soldiers, they are also extremely important. Both of these groups should be your priorities. Immediately after starting the game, you will have a small base with already constructed buildings. You should focus on building the laboratory, medical center and training center as soon as possible.

Many buildings can provide bonuses if they are located next to others. Keep this in mind when creating your base layout. Try to leave at least one empty space next to buildings that can benefit neighboring buildings.

The battle

Statistics play a very important role. It is advisable not to recruit soldiers whose stats are below 40. However, different roles require different abilities. For example, snipers primarily require precision, while frontline fighters such as Assault Troopers and Shieldmen require high duration and power. All fighters must also have enough health points. A good starting DPS combo consists of a mix of Stormtroopers and Shieldmen to act as your vanguard, as well as a few marksmen who can support others with their medical skills. It's a good idea to add one or two Snipers, a Heavy, and a Grenadier to the mix to ensure you're ready for anything.

Be careful and attentive while moving. The map is shrouded in the fog of war and you will have to open it yourself. The distribution of enemies and the terrain structure are unknown. Please note that you may need to take time in case enemies suddenly appear in front of you. Don't enter rooms unless you have enough time to attack the enemy. Before entering buildings, check them by looking inside through windows. Be prepared for the fact that something deadly could be waiting for you around every corner. Remember that weapons have different firing modes with different time costs. It is very important to learn how to use them correctly. Also keep in mind that many environmental elements may be destroyed. The wall that existed recently may soon disappear. This can be exploited by enemies, but feel free to destroy the elements yourself to get to your opponents.