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Afflicted WoW: how to manage the M+ affix and which classes to choose?

 Find out how to master the Afflicted affix in WoW Dragonflight and which classes to favor for successful Mythic+ runs!

In World of Warcraft (WoW), each season brings its share of new features and challenges. Season two of Dragonflight is no exception with new dungeons in the rotation accompanied by affixes depending on your key level. This affix is ​​still present in season 3 of Dragonflight and will most certainly be in season 4!

Among them, the Afflicted affix stands out for its originality and complexity. It's not very difficult to manage, provided you have the right classes and know what to do to get rid of it. Obviously, if you pick up the game again, you may not know how this affix works. That’s why we tell you everything in this article! Perfect for storing your keys!

Afflicted WoW: How to manage the affix in M+?

When Afflicted is active, entities named "Afflicted Souls" appear during battles. Unlike regular enemies, these entities must be healed to 100% of their health to disappear. If players fail to heal them, they suffer a 100% Hate debuff for 10 seconds.

Rather than healing Souls, it is best to remove one of the three types of debuffs (Disease, Poison, and Curse) present on Afflicted Souls. For this, certain classes with support spells will be essential in your group. Here is a list of relevant classes and spells:

  • Druid - Deliverance from Curse
  • Mage - Deliverance from Curse
  • Monk - Detox
  • Paladin - Purify
  • Priest - Purify
  • Shaman - Enhanced Purifying Spirit
  • Evocative - Eliminate and Cauterize Flame

These classes are even more crucial during weeks when Afflicted is active. It is recommended to include at least two of these classes in your Mythic+ party to effectively deal with Afflicted Souls. Having multiple options for dealing with these entities eases the pressure on the healer and increases the group's chances of success.

Afflicted WoW: How to manage the affix in M+

The Afflicted affix in WoW Dragonflight presents a unique and innovative challenge for Mythic+ players. By understanding the mechanics of this affix and strategically choosing the most suitable classes, groups can overcome this obstacle and succeed in their runs. So prepare to face Afflicted with the right tools and strategies for a rewarding gaming experience.