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Alpha SMITE 2, how to register to participate?

 The second opus of the MOBA SMITE, SMITE 2 has been announced and an alpha will be available soon. We tell you how to participate.

Alpha SMITE 2, how to register to participate?

Many games expected by players will be released in 2024, but also in the years to come, such as the second opus of Hi-Rez's famous MOBA, SMITE.

The game was also revealed this January 12 on social networks and to keep players waiting before the release of SMITE 2, the developers plan to organize an alpha soon. We'll tell you how to register to have a chance to take part. 

How to participate in the SMITE 2 alpha?

Following the announcement of SMITE 2 on social networks, some players are looking to know how to register to participate in the alpha which is organized in spring 2024. If this is also your case, simply pre-register by following the following instructions:

  • Go to the SMITE 2 website 
  • Then click on the “ I register for Alpha ” button
  • In the window that has just popped up, select the platform on which you wish to play, then add your email address and check the box “I am over 12 years old and I accept the Terms of Use”. You can also check keep me informed of news if you want to have new information on the game
  • You will then have a message that appears at the bottom of the box that says this if you have followed the instructions correctly: Thank you for registering for the SMITE 2 Alpha. We will contact you very soon!
  • If you are lucky enough to be selected, you will receive an email on your provided address which will tell you how to follow to take part in the alpha.
As a reminder, SMITE 2 will use the mechanics of the first, but will make some changes to its gameplay and strategy . Obviously, there will also be graphical improvements since the game will be based on Unreal Engine 5 and as in the first game, you will find different gods, the first of which has already been announced since it will be Hecate .