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Aluminum Palworld: where to find it, farm it and what is it for?

 Looking for how to get aluminum in Palworld? Don't panic, We are here to give you all the information in this article!

Palworld is a new game that has caused a sensation around the world since its release on January 19, 2024. Available on PC via Steam and Game Pass and on Xbox, many players have already been won over. Despite several dramas concerning the potential plagiarism of Pokémonand the use of generative AI, the game ranks at the top of sales and simultaneous players on Steam.

In Palworld, aluminum is a precious and essential resource during your progression. We'll list all the possible ways to obtain aluminum on Palworld and farm it efficiently.

How to get aluminum in Palworld?

Aluminum, also called " Refined Metal ", is a resource that is unlocked very late in the adventure. However, this resource remains essential. First, you will need to unlock the Electric Furnace (Level 44). Then, all you have to do is choose the recipe for the refined ingot, which is obtained from metal and coal. The Furnace will also need a Pal with the Ignition Bolt, the fire icon in the Pal detail menu, in order to operate.

How to get aluminum in Palworld

What is aluminum/refined metal used for in Palworld?

Aluminum is essential during your progression since it allows you to manufacture weapons such as the assault rifle, the double-barreled shotgun, or even refined metal armor resistant to cold or heat. In addition, this resource is very important because it allows the manufacture of the most powerful Spheres: the Ultra Spheres.

What is aluminum/refined metal used for in Palworld