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Best deck with Miek, the move-discard hybrid card coming to Marvel Snap


Best deck with Miek, the move-discard hybrid card coming to Marvel Snap

Miek, the insect warrior from Sakaar, comes to Marvel Snap with a card from the move and discard archetype: best deck to win with Miek and how to get it.

Today Marvel Snap receives one of the most seemingly simple, but also most attractive cards of the Planet Hulk season. We're talking about Miek, the only new January 2024 card that debuts in Series 4 instead of Series 5.

That means it's a little easier to get: you can buy it for 3,000 tokens starting at 20:00 CET on Tuesday, January 16, and for a week it also appears in collector's chests alongside Annihilus and The Phoenix Force.

Miek is a native of the planet Sakaar, a race of humanoid insect warriors, who debuts in the Planet Hulk story and could be seen in Taika Waititi's latest Thor films.

Best deck with Miek in Marvel Snap

Best deck with Miek in Marvel Snap

  • Miek (1/1): After each turn, if you discarded cards, he gains +1 power for each one and moves.
Miek comes to Marvel Snap as one of the most useful cards for discard synergy, a strategy that has been somewhat forgotten in the meta compared to other more complex and difficult-to-counter archetypes like Junk, but which has many possibilities.

The biggest disadvantage of playing Miek, something you'll try to do as early as possible if you can from turn one, is that it's predictable and your opponent might play cards that ruin the strategy, like Cosmo (which makes Reveal abilities unusable). activate) or Leech (which removes all card effects on turn 6). Fortunately, it is not Continuous.

A deck with Miek must have many discard effect cards, to maximize its power. For every card you discard, you get one power, so you could potentially end up with six or even ten power.

A good way to do this at once is with Moon Girl (4/4), which doubles your hand, and then discard the entire hand with MODOK (5/8), which discards your entire hand. 

Naturally, MODOK is a card that cannot be missing from a deck with Miek, nor can some of the classic cards that discard one or more cards from your hand be missing. That is to say:

  • Blade (1/3): Discard a random card from your hand
  • Colleen Wing (2/4): Discard the lowest-cost card from your hand
  • Sword Master (3/6): Discard a random card from your hand
  • Moon Knight (3/3): Discard a card from each player's hand
  • Lady Sif (3/5): Discard the highest-cost card from your hand
  • Gambit (3/3): Discard a card from your hand and destroy a random enemy card
  • Black Cat (4/9): If it is in your hand at the end of the turn, it is discarded
  • Hell Cow (4/8): Discard two random cards from your hand
  • Silver Samurai (4/5): Each player discards their lowest power card from their hand
  • Dracula (4/1): At the end of the turn, discard a card from your hand and gain its power
You should also balance your deck with cards that benefit from being discarded or discarded, such as:

  • Wolverine (2/2): When discarded or destroyed, you play it again at another random location with +2 power
  • Swarm (2/3): When you discard it, you add two 0-cost copies to your hand
  • Morbius (2/0): Has no power, but gains +2 power every time you have discarded a card in the game (for the entire game).
  • X-23 (1/2): If discarded or destroyed, regenerates at a random location and you gain +1 energy next turn
  • Ghost Rider (4/3): Bring back one of your discarded cards to that location

And to finish the game? Some very good options are Hela (6/6) which when revealed resurrects all discarded cards in random locations, and Apocalypse (6/8): If you discard it it returns to your hand with +4 power.