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Best Weapons Palworld Tier List 2024: Full Ranking

We'll give you the list of the best weapons on Palworld in 2024! From the sword to the rocket launcher, you will know everything in this article.

Palworld has quickly established itself as a must-have on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. This title, initially less anticipated, surprised everyone by overtaking giants such as Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 in number of simultaneous players.

Despite accusations of plagiarism which divided players on the internet, the game has won over players around the world. Discover here: the best weapons in 2024 on Palworld!

Best weapons on Palworld, Tier list of 2024

Here is the list of the best weapons on Palworld in 2024:

  • Melee – Sword
  • Rifle – Assault rifle
  • Pistol – Classic Pistol
  • Pump Shotgun – Pump Action Shotgun
  • Explosive – Rocket Launcher
  • Bow – Three-shot bow

At the start of the game, it is advisable to equip yourself with a stone axe, a stone pickaxe, and a bow for your first adventures before delving into more powerful weapons.

Best weapons on Palworld, Tier list of 2024

Axes and pickaxes are essential, and while crossbows and bows are powerful, they are expensive in resources. The three-shot bow is very interesting since it shoots three arrows for the price of one. Once you have passed the "beginning" stage of the game, you will then be able to start metal weapons like the musket, etc.

What is Palworld? 

Palworld is a completely new open-world survival game, focused on multiplayer, offering you the opportunity to collect mysterious creatures called “Pals ”. Your goal is to make them fight, build structures, have them work in the fields, and keep your factories running.