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Boruto Parents: discover his entire family up to his grandparents!

 But who are Boruto's parents? This is the question new fans are asking themselves! We'll give you the answer in this article.

The Ninja Universe of Boruto, the long-awaited sequel to Naruto, follows the story of a young Ninja with extraordinary parents. Many new people have discovered Konoha Village and ninjutsu thanks to this anime, but are wondering: Who are Boruto's parents? 

We'll trace the young ninja's family tree, from his parents, through his little sister, and up to his grandparents! Find out everything you need to know about Boruto's parents.

Who are Boruto's parents? Complete family tree

Boruto Uzumaki's father

Naruto Uzumaki is Boruto's father. He is the main protagonist of the work Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, the story that precedes the world of Boruto. He is the host of the nine-tailed demon fox, Kyubi or Kurama, and the Hokage of Konoha Village. He is often considered the strongest ninja of his era. If you want to know more about him, we recommend watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden!

Boruto Uzumaki's mother 

Hinata Hyuga is Boruto's mother. She is an extremely talented ninja of the Hyuga clan, a clan renowned for their Byakugan, a Dôjutsu or visual technique, giving her 360-degree vision and the ability to see the chakra circulatory system in addition to enhanced vision. Hinata is the daughter of Hiashi Hyuga.

Who are Boruto's parents? Complete family tree

Boruto Uzumaki's little sister

Boruto also has a younger sister named Himawari Uzumaki. Although younger, Himawari has exceptional skills, including her mother's Byakugan, but is not very important in Boruto's story.