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Crafting guide in Enshrouded - how to make a forge, glider, hook and other items


Crafting guide in Enshrouded - how to make a forge, glider, hook and other items

Enshrouded has a good crafting system, so to create items and objects you need to mine various resources. However, it is not always clear what tools are needed to craft certain things. In this guide, we will tell you how to create armor, weapons, glider, grappling hook, and other items in the game.

Note: We will update this guide with the release of Enshrouded.

How to create and upgrade an Altar of Flame

The Altar of Flame in Enshrouded is required to create a base. For construction, you will need 5 units of stone, as well as an open area. You can place an altar even on the territory of the Veil.

As you survive, you may need upgrades to your altar. To upgrade an object, approach it and select the appropriate menu item. Here you will see the resources you need.

If you want to place another altar in a place far from your base, you will have to increase the flame. Separate resources are also used for this. To disassemble the altar, click “Extinguish the flame”.

How to find the Blacksmith

Once you place your first Altar of Flame, the quest will update. The quest “Find the sleeping survivor” will become available, and a marker will appear on the map where you need to go to free the Blacksmith.

There will be two enemies waiting in the indicated area, but before that, you can purchase the Stealth ability. This will help deal with them in stealth.

Another enemy awaits in the Cache of the Ancients, where the Blacksmith is hiding. When you've dealt with everyone, go to the glowing capsule and interact with it. From now on, the Blacksmith will be available for summoning to the shelter. To summon him, it is enough to craft a Summoning Staff (crafted manually from twigs ) and use it on the territory of your base.

How to Build a Workbench

The workbench is crafted manually, so you just have to find the necessary resources:

  • Rope (3);
  • Logs (8).

It is useful for repairing worn-out equipment, as well as creating building blocks.

How to Make a Bed

A bed is necessary for a comfortable rest. You can use beds found in the open world or create your own using a workbench. This will require resources.

Rough mattress:

  • Plant fiber (4);
  • Rope (3);
  • Torn fabric (4).

Once you build a Rough Mattress, the Rough Wooden Bed recipe will unlock :

  • Animal fur (4);
  • Rope (4);
  • Logs (4);
  • Rough mattress (1).

How to build a chest to store items

A character's inventory in Enshrouded can only hold a limited number of items, so your hideout should have separate storage units called chests. At first, you have the right to build tiny or small chests:

  • Nails (6);
  • Logs (6).

A few small chests will be enough to unload your inventory and store accumulated resources there. Each such chest can hold up to 24 items of various types.

How to make a Hook

The hook is necessary for exploring the open world and various dungeons. Without it, you won't be able to complete some dungeons or climb to the top of towers. To create it, build a workbench and obtain the following resources:

  • Scrap metal (4);
  • Rope (7);
  • Veil Spores (10).
There must be at least one hook in your inventory. To save space in your backpack, open the Character tab and place the tool in the highlighted slot. It will disappear from your inventory, but you can use it at any time. To do this, just aim at the object where you want to hook the hook and press the “E” key.

How to build a Charcoal Kiln

If you have already saved the Blacksmith, you can start creating a charcoal kiln. To do this, call a friend in your shelter and interact with him. You will see the recipe and the necessary resources for construction.

Get 20 units of stones and place the furnace in a convenient place for you.

How to build a Forge

Like the Charcoal Kiln, the Forge will only open after you rescue the Blacksmith.

Resources for construction:

  • Stone (30);
  • Scrap metal (10);
  • Charcoal (10);
  • Logs (12).

How to craft a Weapon

Drawings of primitive weapons will become available at the very beginning of the game if you have the necessary resources:

  • Shield;
  • Club;
  • Onion;
  • Wooden arrow.
More powerful weapons can only be crafted if you have a Blacksmith in your shelter. Several drawings will be available at launch:

  • Rough sword;
  • Spiked Club;
  • Shield of Valor.

We recommend creating a shield first, as it will help you avoid damage from many enemies. But you can also get rough stone shields after killing a few enemies in the Shroud. Stronger weapons can be found in the open world by examining chests or after fighting bosses in "wells".

How to Craft Armor

In the initial stages, you can craft rags to avoid walking around naked. Such “armor” will not provide serious protection - it is much easier to accumulate resources and create a shield to block enemy attacks.

Blueprints for normal armor will become available after you have rescued and summoned the Blacksmith. If you already have a charcoal kiln and a forge, then you have the right to craft sheets of metal and immediately begin creating the Armor of a novice fighter. The characteristics of this set are much higher than those of Fur Armor.

How to create a Planner

The glider is one of the key tools in the game, as it makes moving around the open world much easier. To create it you will need the following resources:

  • Shroud Tree ;
  • Animal fur ;
  • Rope ;
  • Veil Disputes.