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Elden Ring Dragonheart: List and Location

 Find out where to find each Dragon Heart in the Elden Ring to master dragon breath!

Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring are essential for summoning the power of dragons and strengthening your Faith Build and are scattered across Mid-Earth.

Acquiring Dragon Hearts in the Elden Ring is essential to unlocking powerful dragon breaths. These hearts, obtained by battling specific dragons, can be exchanged for powerful incantations.

Finding Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Dragon Hearts are invaluable items for players wishing to access powerful incantations and do certain builds, particularly a Faith Build. To obtain these hearts, you will have to face and defeat dragons, each presenting a unique challenge.

Here is a list of the main dragons in Elden Ring and their locations:

  • Agheel the Flying Dragon: Located at Lake Agheel in Necrolimbe. It is often the first dragon that players encounter.
  • Adula, the Shardstone Dragon: Initially appears at the Three Sisters north of Caria Manor in Liurnia, then moves to Manus Cathedral at the end of Ranni's quest. Gives 3 hearts.
  • Borealis, the Freezing Mist: Located on the frozen lake north of the Eastern Giant Peaks. Appears with a blizzard.
  • Ekzykes the Rotten: Located a little north of the Cathedral of the Draconic Communion in Caelid.
  • Smarag, the Shardstone Dragon: Located near an islet in Liurnia, where the Academy's Shardstone Key is located.
  • Shardstone Dragons on the Lunar Altar Plateau: Three dragons, each offering a heart, accessible after progress in the Ranni quest.
  • Makar, the Magma Dragon: Found in the galleries north of Liurnia, leading to the Altus Plateau.
  • Greyroll, Matriarch of Dragons: Found at the Dragon Mound north of Caelid, Greyroll gives 5 hearts. She is injured and is not actively defending herself.
  • Greyll the Flying Dragon: Guards the bridge between the Gurranq Bestial Sanctuary and the Dragon Mound.
  • Magma dragons:
    • Gael's Galleries Magma Dragon: This dragon serves as a boss in the Gael's Galleries dungeon in Caelid.
    • Lava Lake Magma Dragon: Located northwest of Mount Gelmir.
    • Volcano Manor Magma Dragon: Found in the Volcano Manor dungeon.
  • Great Wyrm Theodorix: Sleeps on the frozen river east of the Consecrated Snowfields in the Giant's Peaks, near the Cave of the Pariah. Give 3 hearts and unlock a power.