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Enshrouded dedicated server, how to buy and configure one?

 Enshrouded is now available in early access and it is possible to have a dedicated server. We'll show you how to do it.

The year 2024 promises to be rich in games awaited by video game fans such as Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth or even Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but also in slightly less-known titles like Enshrouded.

The Keen Games game was also released in early access on January 24 and some players are wondering how to play with their friends using dedicated servers. We give you the answer.

How to have a dedicated server for Enshrouded?

If like some people who discover Enshrouded you want to play with your friends, well, there are several possibilities including online servers, but also dedicated servers. Several players are wondering how to have a dedicated server and here is the procedure to follow:

  • On the Choose Servers page, click Host to create a dedicated server that runs based on your machine
  • However, if your PC is not powerful enough, this may pose a problem and we therefore advise you to click on the icon next to GPortal at the bottom right after choosing Host
How to have a dedicated server for Enshrouded

  • You will be sent to the GPortal site and you have the choice between several paid options which range from 4 to 10 slots and whose price varies between 4.73 and 11.82 euros for 30 days.
You therefore have two options for hosting a game on a dedicated server, but if you want to have the optimal experience, we recommend the paid solution. We remind you that the game could have crossplay, but at the moment, the devs prefer to focus on the early access of Enshrouded, as well as the development of the console version. While waiting to learn more about crossplay, we remind you that you can enjoy Enshrouded in early access since January 24 on PC.