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Enshrouded Silex (Flint) location: where to find this resource and how to use it?

 Enshrouded has just been released on PC in early access! Find out in this guide where and how to obtain Flint in addition to knowing why to use it.

As the Flameborn, you represent the last hope of a dying race. Escape the ravages of a corrupting mist and reclaim your lost kingdom. Immerse yourself in a vast world, face formidable bosses, build your stronghold, and shape your destiny in this cooperative action-survival game designed for 1 to 16 players.

Released in early access on January 24, 2024, the game was able to conquer PC fans, even next to Palworld. In this guide, We'll guide you on how and where to get Flint in Enshrouded, as well as how to use it.

Where and how to get Flint in Enshrouded? Resource location

Silex is easily recognizable by its black stones, generally on the side of a cliff. During your explorations, you may come across mines full of minerals. You can see on the map below the location of a mine rich in flint, enough to keep you satisfied for a good while.

Enshrouded: What is Flint used for?

Flint is a very important resource, especially at the start of the game. It allows the construction or improvement of certain tools. Flint is especially essential for crafting enhanced arrows, arrows that deal significantly more damage.

In order to advance quickly in the adventure, we advise you to farm flint to make these improved arrows which will be very useful to you during your explorations against enemies.

Enshrouded: What is Flint used for

What is Enshrouded? 

Enshrouded is a captivating survival, crafting, and combat action RPG game set on a massive voxel continent, giving players the freedom to explore mountains and deserts in an open world, where they can choose their own destiny.

The game begins with the challenge of surviving in the wild, searching the ruins of a lost kingdom, and fending off hungry predators. Players journey through forests, caves, and dungeons in search of secret knowledge and treasure, building the strength needed to face the horrors of the Shroud's depths.