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Filigree Training Evolution in EA Sports FC 24: requirements and best players


Filigree Training Evolution in EA Sports FC 24: requirements and best players

A new evolution is now available in EA Sports FC 24 so that your players can improve their statistics. We tell you everything about the Filigree Training Evolution.

Keep the party going at EA Sports FC 24. Team 2 of FC Versus has just been launched: Fire and Ice, which also includes two new Evolutions for your players in Ultimate Team.

Today we are talking about one of them, known as Filigree Training, which can considerably improve your team's statistics.

You already know that you can consult all the Evolutions in the corresponding section of Ultimate Team. Be careful, because not all players are valid for certain improvements.

In this EA Sports FC 24 guide we tell you what you need to know about the Filigree Training Evolution, from challenges to requirements, including the three best players to improve.

Filigree Training Evolution: What You Should Know

This new evolution is now available. Fortunately, unlike the most recent ones, in this case, it is a free upgrade.

That is, it will not be necessary to pay to obtain these improvements, nor will it be necessary to spend FC Points or tokens. Access to the Evolution Filigree Training is free.

Of course, not all players are suitable for this improvement. As is usually the case with this EA Sports FC 24 function, some requirements must be met.

These are the requirements that your players must meet:

  • Maximum rating of 84.
  • Maximum pace of 90.
  • Maximum shot of 84.
  • Maximum dribble of 85.
  • Maximum of 8 PlayStyles.
  • Maximum of 3 watermarks.
  • Only compatible with DC players.
Having said that, let's review how this evolution works. As always, it is necessary to complete a series of challenges, obtaining rewards for the player card you have chosen.

In this case, there are two categories of challenges, and these are the objectives and rewards:

Level 1 Challenges

  • Win 2 Squad Battle matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty.
  • Rewards: +3 Shooting, +4 Passing, +3 Physical, PlayStyle Power Shot.

Level 2 challenges

  • Play 2 Division Rivals or UT Champions games.
  • Get 1 clean sheet in a Squad Battles match (also valid for Division Rivals or UT Champions) on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty.
  • Rewards: +4 shooting, +3 dribbling, +3 pace, +1 filigree, PlayStyle Grease.
Finally, we are going to give you three names of players who are real beasts: Filigree Training Evolution.

They are the following:

  • Danny Loader (FC Porto) - 83
  • Gonçalo Ramos (PSG) - 83
  • Theo Bair (Motherwell) - 83

This is everything you need to know about the Filigree Training Evolution of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.