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Fortnite cardboard box: where to find it and how to hide?

 Do you want to complete the new Snake challenge on Fortnite for which you have to hide in a cardboard box for 10 seconds? We tell you everything!

Fortnite is back at the start of 2024 with a brand new update, patch 28.10 of season 1 of chapter 5. After a long vacation for Epic Games, players finally have something to get excited about. the tooth while waiting for season 2 . In addition to the classic new features of the patch, Fortnite welcomes the king of infiltration: Snake from Metal Gear Solid. It does not arrive alone since with it, you will be able to find signature objects like the cardboard box.

For fans of a challenge in Fortnite, the quest “ Hide in a cardboard box for 10 seconds ” is essential to gain experience in the Battle Pass and obtain free Metal Gear Solid rewards. You don't know where to find cardboard boxes or how to use them? We tell you everything in this guide!

How to complete the challenge: hide in a cardboard box for 10 seconds?

Fortnite continues to captivate players with new weekly challenges and new collaborations. The recent addition of Solid Snake, the famous character from the Metal Gear series, brings a new level of excitement. A particularly intriguing challenge is to hide in a cardboard box for 10 seconds. Here's how you can meet this challenge with flying colors.

Where to find Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard boxes, scattered across the island, can be found in floor loot and chests. Solid Snake himself sells these boxes for ingots. The little tip is to go to the Ship it! warehouses. Express, where they are abundant.

Where to find Cardboard Boxes

How to hide in a cardboard box?

Once you find a cardboard box, enter it to camouflage yourself. It's very simple, you can use it like any object in the game. You can even move while remaining hidden. This clever disguise is perfect for avoiding enemies or surprising them.

By completing Solid Snake's quests, you will unlock his outfit and accessories. Among these quests, hiding in a cardboard box for 10 seconds is a must. Other quests include dealing damage with assault rifles or destroying surveillance cameras.

Each completed quest rewards you with unique items, like loading screens, pickaxes, sprays, and even emotes. By completing all the quests, you will unlock the Old Snake style.

Use cardboard boxes to create ambushes or to sneak away from dangerous areas. Remember, patience and strategy are key to successfully completing this challenge.