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Fortnite lost connection, how to fix the bug after the 28.10 LEGO update?

Since the release of LEGO Fortnite, players have sometimes encountered bugs, including one that indicates a Lost network connection. We give you his solution.

If you've recently delved into the exciting world of LEGOFortnite, you may have encountered difficulties with matchmaking and creating new worlds. Since the launch of this new feature on December 7, 2023, technical issues have been reported, affecting the gaming experience.

Since LEGO Fortnite went online, errors have been disturbing players, notably appearing with update 28.10 which indicates the following message: “Lost network connection”. Epic Games has officially acknowledged these issues on Twitter and is working to find out the cause.

Fortnite LEGO: Lost network connection, what solutions?

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, a new era began in the Fortnite universe with the launch of LEGO mode. However, this new adventure is not without pitfalls. Lost network connection errors are occasionally reported, as has been the case since January 23. Epic Games quickly took to Twitter to inform players of this issue.

Fortnite LEGO: Lost network connection, what solutions

As you can read, the Epic Games teams are trying to find out the cause and solve the problem, but here is what is indicated on the support site when this problem happens to you, you can simply check game files and make sure your game is up to date.

Obviously, this solution may not solve your connection problem and you will have to be patient until Epic Games knows the cause and corrects it.