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Halion Sanctum Ruby Strat, complete boss guide: Saviana Ragefire, General Zarithrian and Baltharus on WotLK Classic

 Phase 4 of Wrath of the Lich King Classic is here and with it the Sanctum Ruby raid. Here is the strategy and guide for Halion and the minibosses.

The players of World of Warcraft Classic  WotLK can rejoice, the long-awaited Sanctum Ruby is about to arrive. Details recently revealed by Blizzard.

The Ruby Sanctum, Wrath of the Lich King's final raid, offers players a memorable experience with its four bosses: Saviana Ragefire, Baltharus the Child of War, General Zarithrian, and Halion. The 10 and 25-player versions of the raid will be available from the launch of Phase 4,  offering rewards worthy of the Citadel, enough to fully optimize before the launch of Cataclysm. Discover the strategy and a complete guide for Sanctum Rubis, Halion, Saviana, Baltharus, and Zarithian

Strat and guide to the Ruby Sanctum on WoW WotLK Classic: Halion, Saviana, Baltharus, and Zarithian, know everything!

The Sanctum Ruby arrives on January 11 at midnight (Paris time), on the night of Thursday to Friday, in WoW WotLK Classic Phase 4. This is the last raid in WotLK Classic before the arrival of Cataclysm.


Halion is the main boss of Ruby Sanctum and is the only boss present in the instance.

  • It has two distinct phases: Phase 1 (on the physical plane) and Phase 2 (on the astral plane).

1. Phase 1: 100% to 75%

Encounter Start: Halion summons a wall of fire, creating a circular arena. Make sure the entire raid is present before the fight begins.

Abilities to monitor:

  • Flame Breath: Frontal attack, avoid staying in the line of fire.
  • Meteors: Dodge them to avoid the AoE left behind.
  • Fiery combustion:
    • DoT inflicted every 20 seconds.
    • Accumulation of marks on the affected player.
    • Quick removal of the DoT to avoid a flaming area causing damage.

Stay grouped, dodge meteors, and effectively manage Fiery Combustion.

2. Phase 2: 75% to 50%

At 75% health, Halion opens a portal. The entire raid must enter there.

Abilities to monitor:

  • Burn Mark (Shadow): Must be dispelled by moving away from the group.
  • Shadow Orbs: Two orbs rotate, and maintain distance to avoid the connector ray.

Manage shadow marks, and maintain a safe distance from orbs.

3. Phase 3: 50% to 0%

At 50%, a new portal opens, and Halion exists in the Physical and Twilight Realms simultaneously.

Specific abilities:

  • Corporeality: Halion benefits from a buff that affects damage dealt and received in each realm.
  • DPS Balance: Groups must be split to attack Halion in both realms.
  • Lingering Burn Mark: Phase 1 and 2 mechanics continue to affect players in both realms.

Balance DPS between realms, manage the Mark of Combustion and make sure the two groups are coordinated.

Use fire resistances and fire protection potions. Make sure you have a balanced team with enough DPS to handle the phases quickly. Communication is essential during transitions between phases.

Guide for Saviana, Baltharus, and Zarithian in WoW WotLK Classic Sanctum Ruby

Baltharus the Child of War

Baltharus the Child of War

Abilities to monitor:

  • Unleashing blades: Frontal attack to avoid.
  • Chain: Cleave for the tank and nearby players.
  • Mark of Weakening: Debuff reducing damage dealt and increasing that of Baltharus.
  • Repelling Wave: Repels the entire raid and deals damage.
  • Mirror Image: Baltharus summons a clone.

Strategy :

  • Positioning: Main tank moves Baltharus away from the group, off-tank manages the mirror image.
  • DPS: Behind or to the sides to avoid frontal attacks.
  • Healers: Be ready for the mirror image whirlwind and adjust your positioning.

Saviana Firerage

Abilities to monitor:

  • Blast: Deals damage and ignites players.
  • Enrage: Increases attack speed (Hunter's Tranquilizing Shot can cancel it).
  • Flame Breath: Powerful frontal breath.
Strategy :

  • Positioning: Tank with his back to the raid, DPS on the sides or behind.
  • DPS: Use Tranquilizer Shot to cancel enrage.
  • Healing: Use cooldowns when Saviana takes off, prepare AoE healing.

General Zarithrian

Abilities to monitor:

  • Split Armor: Reduces the tank's armor, stackable.
  • Roar of Intimidation: Scares nearby players.
  • Adds: The boss summons adds.
Strategy :

  • Positioning: Tank with its back to the raid to avoid frontal attacks.
  • Adds Management: Off-tanks recover adds quickly.
  • DPS: Focus on adds as soon as they appear.
  • Healing: Prepare for periods of intense healing, especially during add spawns.

Now that you have all the strategies in mind, all you have to do is attack the bosses!