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LEGO Fortnite Ruby: Where to find it and how to turn it into a refined ruby?

 In Lego Fortnite, you will go in search of elements that will be increasingly rare, and there will come a time when you will be interested in precious stones. So, in this article, we explain where to find ruby ​​and how to refine it!

Where to find ruby ​​in Lego Fortnite?

Before you start looking for precious stones like the ruby ​​in Lego Fortnite , it is better to prepare yourself and, above all, equip yourself by knowing what you will have to face. Here, you will have to go to the desert biome, and more particularly to its caves.

Caves which bear the sweet name of "lava cave" , and as you can imagine, in these, it will be very hot . You will therefore first have to make sure that you have what you need to combat this heat, whether via an amulet or a drink made from berries from the snow biome.

Where to find ruby ​​in Lego Fortnite

Once that's done, make sure you have upgraded your workbench to blue rarity and craft the pickaxe of the same rarity if you haven't yet. Indeed, it is this one (and those more advanced obviously) that will allow you to collect the ruby.

But what does this ruby ​​look like? Well, you will be able to recognize it by its fairly characteristic red color. Be careful, there will not necessarily be one in each of the lava caves you come across, so consider exploring several of them.

How to transform raw ruby ​​into refined ruby?

Once you have found some, all you have to do is collect it, and you will now have raw ruby ​​in your possession. Except that if you want to do more advanced crafts, you will have to transform it so that it becomes a refined ruby.

However, for this, you will necessarily need a new machine. The latter has the specificity of taking charge of all the precious stones in the game and transforming them from their raw version to their refined version in a few seconds.

How to transform raw ruby ​​into refined ruby

This machine is the gem cutter and to be able to build it, you will first have to gather the following list of ingredients: 20 marble blocks, 5 pieces of raw amber, 5 sand claws, and finally 3 sand shells. Once that's done, build it.

Now the final step will simply be to put the raw rubies that you collected earlier into the gem cutter. You won't have to do anything more except wait a few extra seconds for the machine to do the work for you and get you some refined ruby.