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LoL Hall of Fame: Riot Games announces a Hall of Legends for its flagship players

 Season 14 is fast approaching with its share of new features. In this case, Riot Games announced a Hall of Fame rewarding its most illustrious players.

LoL Hall of Fame: Riot Games announces a Hall of Legends for its flagship players

League of Legends will soon begin its 14th season officially on January 10, still being one of the most played games in the world. Its complexity as well as the variety of its characters and the builds that go with it make it a video game juggernaut. Riot Games has also made its mark on global esports by, for example, making the world championships the most followed esports event in the world almost every year.

This legend is perpetuated with a unique spotlight on its most iconic players. Who has never heard of Faker, Chovy, Ruler, Rekkles, Doublelift, YellowStaR or soaZ? There are so many others who have contributed in one way or another to the success of League of Legends in all its aspects. In this sense, Riot Games recently announced that it was setting up a League of Legends Hall of Fame, thus rewarding its most illustrious players. We give you more details in this article.

What is the Hall of Fame in League of Legends?

In correlation with the imminent release of season 14 of League of Legends, Riot Games announced the creation of a Hall of Fame, like the NBA for example. The principle is simple: each year, an iconic player of the game will be highlighted and will thus receive a unique reward.

An independent jury composed of gaming specialists and veterans of the competitive scene will meet every year to induct one or more professional players. For the moment, we do not know if this only concerns active players or if a retired player will be eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Legends.

Riot Games nevertheless remains quite evasive on the subject, although they invite us to stay tuned in the coming months for additional information. Perhaps by discovering the first player inducted into the League of Legends Hall of Fame!