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LoL: How to deactivate the Vanguard anti-cheat on League of Legends?

 Are you having problems with LoL and want to disable Vanguard? Don't panic, we explain everything to you in this article.

The League of Legends anti-cheat is getting a lot of attention right now. The reason? Some players have discovered that the system launches when the computer starts up and runs even if League of Legends is not running. Faced with players' questions, Riot gave them answers in order to reassure the gaming community. The Riot Vanguard system (the name of the anti-cheat) runs when the PC is launched to ensure its effectiveness, but it only takes up very few resources and, above all, does not collect any data.

If, however, you still want to deactivate this Anti-cheat, We'll explain how to deactivate Vanguard on League of Legends.

How to deactivate Vanguard, the League of Legends anticheat?

The Rioter presented two techniques on Reddit.

The first is quite simple, just search your programs list for “Riot Vanguard” and uninstall it. The only problem with this manipulation is that you will have to reinstall the program when launching VALORANT and you will also be forced to restart the computer.

The second will ask you to dig through your files. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • go to the folder containing Riot Vanguard;
  • find the vgk.sys file and rename it (the name does not matter);
  • restart the computer ;
  • do the reverse route before playing League of Legends again to reactivate Vanguard.

How to deactivate Vanguard, the League of Legends anticheat

Obviously, we remind you that the use of cheat software is prohibited and banned by Riot Games, even if the Vanguard system prevents, a priori, many abuses. 

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