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LoL: Jax buff, your next mandatory pick or ban! Find out why

 The incredible buff that Jax will receive will make the champion perma pick or ban! The community is angry and We'll tell you why.

Recently, Riot Games posted the trailer for season 14 and introduced us to new, old, and current items that change. In addition to the new map and new monsters. For the next patch of season 14, we already know the buffs and nerfs of certain champions.

In this list of buffs and nerfs, Jax is one of the champions who receives one of the biggest buffs. The warrior and his lamppost arrive ready as ever for this season 14 of League of Legends. We'll explain why Jax will become the strongest champion in LoL!

LoL: Jax, the next perma-ban of your games!

Already omnipresent on the toplane, Jax will become a mandatory pick or ban if this buff passes the PBE. Indeed, like a 'highway' Trundle, Jax will see its damage on turrets be considerably increased. It will destroy turrets at an unimaginable speed and will claim to destroy your nexus in 15 minutes!

To understand why, his W and his ultimate will inflict 50% damage on turrets. On the networks, this buff has already caused reactions from people in the scene like Yamato, the Head Coach of Karmine Corp, or even Bwipo, the former top laner of Fnatic. The latter expressed himself:


The best build for Jax?

With the arrival of new objects, a new map, and new monsters  ; it is not easy to adapt quickly. We'll offer you the optimal Jax build to defeat your opponents in this new season.

  • Trinity Strength
  • Steel hulls
  • Deposed king blade
  • Ripped Sky ( new item )
  • Sterak's Pledge
  • Guardian angel